War on terror is all faiths’ fight against ideology of hatred – King of Jordan

Source: Jordan Times – March 2, 2018

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday underlined that the global anti-terrorism war is not a fight between different religions or peoples but one between moderates of all faiths and extremists “whose faith is hate and violence”.

Giving a speech at the conference “Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding and Moderation”, which was held in New Delhi in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several Islamic, religious, intellectual and political figures as well as students, the King noted that compassion, mercy and tolerance lie at the heart of the true essence of Islam and other faiths, adding, “these values require us, together, to act for our common future.” (See his Majesty’s full speech)

“And the truth is that today’s global war against terror is not a fight between different religions or peoples. It is between moderates, of all faiths and communities, against extremists whose faith is hate and violence.”

His Majesty stressed the need for joint work among followers of all faiths to pinpoint and reject the deviant ideologies of extremist groups and safeguard the young people against their influences, a Royal Court statement said.

“We need to recognise and reject the misinformation such groups promote about Islam, or indeed, any other faith. We need to take back the airwaves and the Internet from the voices of hatred — those who have victimised our world, not only with bombs and terror, but with ignorance and lies.”

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    Among Islamic leaders in Middle East, King Abdullah is the one I admire his leadership.
    I consider him is a Progressive Muslim. Why?
    He respect all religions, Human Right, his wife and all daughters dont wera hijab, he has been fighting the hatred teaching in Islam etc.


    • So Somi, that’s a personal preference that you like him because his wife and daughters show some skin and don’t wear hijab. You have a prejudice against women who wear hijab or who choose to exercise their right to choose their religion and wear their hijab proudly without shame than that’s your problem not theirs. But besides that, I actually happen to agree with some of the ideas he mentioned in his speech as well, and I have respect for him as he put all the religions under the same limelight.

  2. Riffat—I like him because he has been promoting Progressive Islamic interpretation. He has not followed the Saudi Arabia wahhabi teaching —the ancient Islamic laws.
    That is why, the King is smart and a reformer.

  3. Riffat— you still follow the Wahhabi King of Saudi ?
    If you are smart enough you should follow King Abdullah instead of King of Saudi. King Saudi want to preserve the ancestor tradition.


    • Somi, if you were paying the slightest attention you would know that I follow the Khalifa of Islam Ahmadiyya Mirza Masroor Ahmad and Allah and no other king. We Follow the Quran and the true teachings of Islam, under the Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

      • Riffat—I know you follow the Khalifah of Ahmadiyya-but he still follows Wahhabi King of Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of Islam. ( not all). That is what I concern a little bit.


  4. I think you’re mistaken Somi, we follow the TRUE teachings of humanity slam and not the ones pre approved by SOMI just because he is ashamed of his religion or he thinks he knows better than God or seems to think that he can mend the works of God. I’m no t gonna apologize or say sorry because you are inducing hate and spreading fear of Islam where there is only love peace and compassion. Extremists exist in every religion but the difference is that people like you are spreading islamophobia just to be spiteful

    • Riffat—you misunderstood me it is impossible I know better than God—you think that God’s law cannot be changed?
      Whereas God sent His laws according to the context of time that fit to tradition of Arab. i.e. God sent His revelstion in Arab language in order Arab people understand it. We can change Arab Al Quran to Pakistan language in order Pakistan prople can understad it. Right?

      Similarity other laws that sent in Arab tradition.
      I.e Arab woman wear burqa in order Sand storm do not harm her skin , hair and face. Other Arab can wear Hijab— and non Arab do not need wear Burqa and Hijab. Women do not cover her hair, face, hand and feet, just wear modesty like women go to work. Wimen will be save.

      Similarity with Bank Usury, Halal food, inheritance, punishment st front public, caffin, segregation male and female, shake hand with male, polygamy, kissing Kaaba, etc
      These is Islamic local laws fit in Arab tradition. Not fit in Other countries. Should be changed.

      There are some God’s laws for msnkind or international laws such as:
      Justice for all, compassion, love each other, respect each others, do not judge others, do not impose your belief to others, seperate Religion and Government, believe in Creator or God,

      It seems to me that Riffat wear the name of Ahmadiyyah but your soul with extremist ideology— you agree what The extremist clerics implement the ancient laws : you agree burqa, agree crucified, beheading at front of publict, polygamy, slavery, beat wife, segregation, etc.
      but less killing innocent people

      Am I wrong? Riffat.


      • Somi, you are wrong. “agree crucified, beheading at front of publict, polygamy, slavery, beat wife, segregation, etc.”, These are your ideas not mine. Do not put your words in my mouth, as they are yours not mine. I’m an educated and an empowered woman and I have the right to choose my religion. I have the right to choose if I should be touched by any other male other than those related to me, I have the choice to wear a hijab , I should not be forced by people like you to sit and mingle with men I do not feel comfortable with, I have to right to choose my environment. I have right and I do not give you the right to take away my right or my choice. I will not give you the power to oppress me.

    • Riffat—From progressive Muslim.

      The True Islam is The religion of affection, compassion, love, peace, mercy,liberty, equality, clean, beauty, prosperity, progressive, justice for all, the separation of mosque and state, and obey Human Right as a core of Islamic teaching.
      We reject Islamic extremist, intolerance, who want to create Islamic State. Al Quran and Hadith become the law of government. There is no freedom of religion, expression and reject Human Right.

      Muslims should also make a great progress and produce superb works of technology, science, culture, art, and aesthetics, as well as live Islam in the best way, and thus represent it to the world.

      Those who follow Islamic teaching correctly, professionally Muslim will be a good Muslim, lovely Muslim, tolerant Muslim, rich Muslim, generous Muslim, treat all people equally, fairly, and the will be rewarded by Allah 2 Paradises / Heaven. One on earth, second Hereafter. this Muslim will be named a the best Creature on earth.

      The book of Hadith is not the word of Allah but men’s word. Prophet Muhammad never knew the Hadits.
      Those who follow the book of Hadith blindly will go astray and fall into sinful Syrik. Extremist Muslim use the book of Hadith to justify to persecute innocent people like blaspheme, apostasy, heresy, gay-lesbian, infidel etc. So the book of Hadith create violence, conflict, poverty, millions innocent people around the world have been immense suffering, displacing and killed by Muslim’s hands. Nauzubillah, I am so sad, pity, heartbreaking .
      What is wrong with Muslim or Islamic teaching?
      Let’s find out .

      Am I wrong Riffat?

      • Somi, time and again you keep playing like a broken player and I keep telling you that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community first and foremost follows Quran as the most reliant source of Islamic teachings and commandments from God. Hadith that are in conflict with the Quran or are not authentic are automatically considered irrelevant to the religion or communicated with error. Now this is publicly declared on our website alislam.org . Unfortunately we have not originally published any volumes of Hadith that we authenticated and investigated that we can sort and declare some violent and other acceptable. Again that is something we can’t do since we never authenticated or investigated not even one hadith, so doing that now would be infringement of another’s efforts, and like plagiarizing to cut corners and plus falsification on our method of elimination for authenticy from the very beginning. And we are people of God, honest , truthful and Godly.

      • Somi,

        Ahmadi Muslims have three sources for Islamic guidance. The first source is the Quran. The second source is Sunnah (the practices of the Holy Prophet). The third source is Hadith- those traditions which were compiled from the statements of diverse narrators a century and a half after the Holy Prophet (alislam.org).

        The Hadith serve the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. The Hadith are NOT an authority over the Quran. Not only that, but the Hadtith that are based on somewhat conjecture can never sit as a judge over the Quran (Noah’s Arc). A Hadith is rejected if it contradicts the Quran and Sunnah.

        I hope this clears up your view on the sources of Islamic guidance of Ahmadi Muslims.

  5. There are some points that the King has mentioned which makes sense. This thing is all religions do need to come together to create a change or else we won’t notice any improvement. Islam is a religion of peace and it is very important that everyone sees that.

  6. Hello Riffat—Somi, you are wrong. “agree crucified, burqa, beheading at front of publict, polygamy, slavery, beat wife, segregation, halal food etc.”, These are your ideas not mine. Do not put your words in my mouth, as they are yours not mine==

    I dont agree with ancient Islamic laws above where terrorist ISIS and Taliban implemented in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan you NEVER condemn or reject them. As if you agree.

    If you dont agree with old Islamic laws you should support Progressive Muslim who condemn the crucified , beheading and flogging women at front of public.
    Whay dont you fo that? Riffat?

    Please condemn them.
    Please dont erase it! Thank you.

    • Come on Somi, when will you stop this nonsense? You know quite well that no one active on The Muslim Times supports these things, so kindly address yourself at daesh websites and may be Saudi ones and not here. (and, yes, I will delete it in future. Our readers are fed up with these repetitions I think)

      • Please Rafiq, I request that you do delete them as it’s very repetitive and bothersome and to be truthful they take up too much room.

  7. Riffat— it is not a wise suggestion at all. Love and respect to those who diferent with you—-peace Riffat!

    60. Anyone who love knowledge wants to be told when he is wrong. It is stupid to hate being corrected.

      • Rafiq—wisdom
        43.Evil people listen to evil ideas, and a wisdom people do not listen to evil idea.

        Alhamdulillah, I never say a evil word here. Ahmadiyyah blog spread love for all, no hatred for all. I will keep this even I am not an Ahmadiyyah faith yet.


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