Please contribute: Ahmadiyya Muslim Refugee School in Malaysia


Refugee School Fund in Malaysia

I’m a Canadian teacher working in an international school for the past 2 years in Malaysia. Since my time here, I have also been volunteering at a refugee school.

In Malaysia, refugee children are not allowed to attend public schools and must find their own means for education. In this regard, there are some UN schools but they are limited to only certain areas, most of which are near the city centre.

To solve this problem, last year we started a school in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur run by refugees themselves who escaped religious persecution in Pakistan.

We had our humble beginnings in the improvrished region ofTaman Sejahtera, Klang, Selangor. We rented a small building, and recieved some sponsorship money from UNHCR, Humanity First Charity as well as other locally collected donations. Refugee teachers pledged to work at the school without receving any compensation. We slowly scavenged school supplies and equipment from wherever we could. We had no classrooms, just a big long room with lines drawn to seperate one class from another. Even with such financial difficulties, the school is led by a very resilient principle, Ms Saba Naeem and her team of 11 staff members.

With 1 year complete, the school enrollment has increased to over 100 children and the school is getting into a good rhythm. We now even have office partitions to divide one class from another. With increasing enrollment from refugee children, there is not enough space to accomodate everyone.

To solve this problem, we found another building space nearby to divide the schools in to 2 groups (K-5 & 6-9). However, the new office space we just leased is bare bones and we need help to furnish it. This is why I have started this gofundme page.

Here is the breakdown for our wish list to furnish the space into 4 classrooms.

1) Room Partitions to make 4 areas ( for the 4 classrooms)  $1,250

2) Carpet   $312

3) Lighting   $ 400

4) Four used Air conditioners $ 940  (In Malaysia, the temperatures and humidity soar during the afternoon making the inside building a complete melting pot. We also cant keep the windows open due to a high risk of mosquitoes carrying Dengue virus) All the air conditioners will be installed free of cost by a parent of one of the refugee students.

5) Six second hand Fans $160

6) White boards $200

7) Tables and chairs will hopefully be donated by the private school I work at.

These refugee families have had to leave everything behind in hopes for a better life. The most valuable thing they’ve had to give up is their right to
Education. The kids here are enthusiastic learners who are keen to change their lives through any means of education. We wish to provide these dedicated young children a safe and clean environment where they can learn and grow.

Your help in this will go a long way in changing these refugee children’s lives forever. Please help in making this vision a reality.

Thank you

‘Learn as though you will live forever’

Ayoun Ahmed Basharat
Educator at Taylor’s College
Graduate Student at Queen’s University



Please visit the donation page!

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