Nearly Half of Canadians Have Negative Feelings Towards Islam: Poll


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Source: Vice

By Mack Lamourex

new poll reinforces a bleak truth that many of us have probably known for a long time—almost half of Canadians have a negative opinion about Islam.

It’s not hard to see this sentiment having a real world impact, whether it be the rise of a far-right looking to “counter terrorism,” the many anti-Islam rallies across the country, or recent laws specifically targeting Muslims being passed.


The poll, conducted by Angus Reid in October and published this week, shows that while Canadians feel like Canada benefits from the Judeo-Christian religions (the biggest benefit being from Catholicism,) the country also feels negative impacts are arising from Sikhism, Atheism and Islam.

However, the percentage of Canadians thinking Sikhism or Atheism is hurting the country is under 25% while Islam sits at 46%.

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  1. Glass is half full and that is the optimistic perspective. We can work on showing the Canadians the milder version of Islam and try to bring the fundamentalist to a better understanding also.

  2. I prefer Ahmadiyyah to the fundamentalist Muslim the extremist Muslims.
    But I prefer the Progressive Muslim to Ahmadiyyah .
    Hopefully Ahmadiyyah will be better understanding of Islamic teaching if join the Progressive Muslim movement. Not only concentrate closeness with God but also concentrate with strengthen economy and provide many jobs to people by following our prophet Muhammad pbuh.

    Prophet Muhammad will be happy when his followers follow him how to earn money for living.
    That is the tenet of Islamic teaching is welfare and happiness for mankind.
    With ❤️

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