‘I got a job after I removed my headscarf’

Source: BBC News

Three people from ethnic minority backgrounds in Britain have told the BBC how they believe race inequality has affected their lives.

One woman, Shazia Khan from Birmingham, said she was only successful in a job interview after she stopped wearing her headscarf.

It comes after a new government website revealed disparities between ethnicities in Britain in educational attainment, health, employment and treatment by police and courts.

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  1. Msny times I told here is that Women do not need to feel sinful if The authority where you live reject women to wear hijab or veil or headscaft.
    It is not logic at all, if muslim women live in Europe or america, there is no desert and also police will protect women from kinapping. If women live in desert like Saufi Arabia women HAVE TO COVER all body in order desert sand do not harm your skin and hair. Islam is a religion of logic and reasonable.
    Please do not follow the ancient Islamic law are not
    relevant anymore.
    Hopefully Ahmadiyyah agree with me.

  2. Somi, you don’t understand the meaning of the scarf. It’s not only covers the head but it gives me confidence for living and humility for spirit. It’s more than a mere cloth. It’s my identity, my life’s treasure, the core of my being and my belief. So removing it is beyond me.

    • Let me tell you: you are free to do what you want in your house of your country. My parents told me that if you live in your friend house, you have to follow or assimilate with your friend tradition, if you can not do so, you better move back to your country.

      You can not do what you want to do in your friend house, your friend help you so much.. you can live in peace, find job for support your kids or family you love so much.

      Now after your friend has help you and you have freedom in this country, now you want more and more, you want to show your identity that against your friend tradition. You still demand it? You still demand it, your friend can not allow you to stay with them anymore, you better move, otherwise there is no reason to have you in their house.

      You better move to your country where you belong. Hopefully you can live in peace with your tradition there.

      There is no other option, assimilation or go home where you belong. Lady!That is it.
      Islam teaching do not make you difficulty but Islam teaching is flexible. There are many examples in Al Quran. Only extremist Clerics made his followers harder to implement Islam.

      May Allah guide you to right path of Islam, amin
      All love

  3. Somi no matter where which country u live in in this world, you have the right to freedom of religion. Oh wait……. is that only for every else just not for muslims? You know where I live, there are shops who allow nuns to wear their habit, Sikh to wear their turbans, Jews to wear their kippah but muslims women cannot wear their scarfs. Now that’s west education and hate. I have the right to have a religion and I have the right to practice it as long as I am not hurting anyone else. That is my basic human right.

  4. Somi no matter where which country u live in in this world, you have the right to freedom of religion. Oh wait……. is that only for every else just not for muslims? You know where I live, there are shops who allow nuns to wear their habit, Sikh to wear their turbans, Jews to wear their kippah but muslims women cannot wear their scarfs. Now that’s west education and hate. I have the right to have a religion and I have the right to practice it as long as I am not hurting anyone else. That is my basic human right.

  5. @ Riffat …. I am telling you here just a reminder for immigrant Muslims. As we know that Chistianity is A religion of love, peace, justice for all. All sects of Islam can live in peace, and happiness. American are lovely and generous people because they follow Allah,s law or Jesus pbuh. “ love your enemy, if they are hungry give them bread to eat…… after 11/9, Islamophobia or extremist Christian have rose faster, because of extremist Islam attacked NWT 3000 innocent people died.
    Islamophobia want to protect themself from
    Extremist Muslims. They assume that those women who wear burqa, niggab, hijab are extremist Muslim. Extremist ideology of Islam or bigotry.

    In order all Muslims can live in peace, harmony and happiness, I urge immigrant Muslim are better to assimilate its good tradition where you live in.
    As we know that Burqa, or Hijab is not Islamic law, or not obligatory, it is Arab tradition who live in desert and conflic. You do not need to feel sinful, NOT TO WEAR HJAB when you live in peaceful country and there is NO sandstorm here. You save to open your face, hair, hands and feet. You really need to give fresh air for your hair.

    If you still fight Islamophobia, you strow fuel to the fire…. will bring a bad impact to all Muslim community. Think about it.
    May Allah guide you to the right path of Islam. The right path of Islam is not extremist ideology of Islam or bigotry.
    All love

    • Somi you really have a lot to say, but some of your things don’t make sense. First of all Muslim Immigrants are respected and respectful law abiding citizens all over the country. We don’t have to start doing what they are doing to create peace, that’s not how it works. Second, how about if I don’t want to feel the wind in my hair? that’s my choice, not yours, you can’t tell Muslim women to feel the wind in their hair. Somi, the hijab and burqa are a part of our identity. I hope you know that. By the way, I’m Riffat’s friend.

  6. Some many things you say do not make sense. Whatever country you live in you have the right of religion. You have the right to follow the religion you want. Sikhs, jews and nuns all get to wear what they want. Why aren’t Muslims not allowed to wear a scarf.

    • @ Atia==. Whatever country you live in you have the right of religion. You have the right to follow the religion you want. ===you can say that here!! but you can not say in Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia etc. You do not have freedom in your own country if you came from there.

      As long as your boss well come you to wear Hijab, its cool. If your boss do not wellcome you to wear your tradition, you better leave your Job, do not feel bad, just leave it.
      Find other Job that can fit on You.

      Again and again, I tell you that Hijab is not obligatory as Prayer, Zakat, Fasting. The pure Islamic teaching is a religion of flexibility and logic.
      Only extremist Clerics make syariah law become crazy, unreasonable for women. They treat women as second class or subdued and give women trouble.
      Anyway it is up to you . All love

      • Hijab is the not just the act of wearing a scarf. Its a protection for us women. And it is the instruction of the Holy Qur’an in Chapter 24, verses 31 and 32. Where not women, but men are first given instructions on their hijab and parda, and then women. The hijab and parda starts with the physical veil and then extends with the social veil, which is most important to protect us from social evils

  7. I feel as a Muslim working woman skarf is never a huddle in my way.Peoples around me give me respect and always appreciate my work. As a Muslim women we all are proud to have the right path to practice.

    • I am glad your friends around you respect and show kindness to you. As know that America is The true Islamic state. All religion and all sects of Islan could live in peace, harmony and happiness. Christianiaty is a religion of love, mercy, justice for all and prosperity. America’s constitution protect the right of religion to follow their religion such as Burqa etc.
      But after 9/11, Islamophobia emerge in society, they want to protect themself from extremist Islam who want to destroy them. Hopefully you understand their heart — they are afraid of Muslims. Suicide Muslims will kill them, their children, like happened in California, New York and other cities.
      Actually in this case, this was Muslims mistake, can not be denied it. Muslims should appoligize to American.
      If some women get trouble or get discrimination at work, because our ( Muslims) mistakes. Not American.

      Let us pray, may Allah make this country peaceful again, as before 9/11, and let us together to defeat the extremist Muslim’s ideology around us, and mosque. Extremist Muslims are our enemy who give us a big trouble.
      All love

  8. @ F. Cheema…. if you still follow the ancient islamic interpretation of Islam like ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaida, Saudi and Iran ??
    I tell many times here that to cover whole bady of women will cool if you live in desert, sandstorm country like Saudi Arabia etc.
    If Allah send His law in America or Europe will be different, Allah is all Wiser. Allah sent his law according to 2 conditions: tradition of people and place where they live in.
    As we know that Allah sent His law in Arab country.
    Allah used Arab language in order Prophet understood. Allah commanded women to cover whole body in order sandstorm can not harm their SKIN and HAIR and also in order a bad male do not kinapping women. Because women were slave and can be sold.
    Islam without using knowledge and right mind become a religion of dark, not light.
    Think obout that! Read more about womens issue today!


  9. F. cheema: Islam can become an acceptable and beutiful religion in 21st century if Muslims leave the ancient Islamic interpretation of Islam. Most Islamic laws are not RELEVANT to be implemented specially who live in the West or non Islamic countries.

    The excellent Islamic laws that can be implemented as universal law such as;
    1. Q. 60:7-8. 5:8 , Justice for all people regardless religion, raceand gender.

    2. Q. 4:75 , is Protect the right of minority. This law became Human Right

    3. Q4:59 , is System Seculare, Where Government and religion is seperated.

    4. Do judge or insult others

    5. A Bad deeds retaliate with good deeds

    6. Etc

    All love

  10. @ F. Cheema… these are some ancient Islamic laws that NOT relevant with modren society anymore, please contemplate it with open mind and without hatred.

    1. Beheading , flogging, cut off, those who does criminal act at front public.

    2. Cover whole body of women except 2 hole for eyes.

    O prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts, who migrated (from Makkah) with thee; and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her― this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large); We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands possess in order that there should be no difficulty for Thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Q.33:50

    4. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other. Q.48:29.

    5. Fight and kill infidel until they pay Jizyaa Q. 29:5, Q.9:29

    6. Punish or kill ; infidel, blasphemer, apostate, homosexual
    And those who do not follow Caliphate.
    7. There are many Ancient Islamic laws from Hadith are not relevant to be implemented in modren times.

    What do you think F.Cheema? Do you agree with Extremist Islam ISIS, TALIBAN etc ?
    All love

  11. Every religion should be allowed to practice their religion no matter where they live. Everyone is the same and has equal rights. If Christians, Jews, Hindus and other religions allowed to practice their religion why can’t Muslims practice their religion. I have not seen any country where there are no immigrants and if they are living there we can’t tell them to stop practicing their religion.

    • Yes, every religion has the right to practice his religion EXCEPT if religion that make other people afraid of.

      For example:
      1. women with burqa,
      2. Punish and kill homosexual
      3. Punish and kill blasphemer, apostate, infidel
      4. Forbid to sell alcohol and pork
      5. Etc

      Extremist Isis want to pratice Islamic laws such above.
      No way, you can not practice your religion that against state authority laws.

      If you want to practice your religion completely go back to where you belong,
      The teaching of Islam is not extremist but flexible and do not impose hardship on followers.
      Please follow Islam properly and rightly. Do not follow extremust clerics that make a bad image of Islam.
      All love

  12. There has only been an increase of such incidents over the past years and it is not right. As a citizen of England or any other country everyone has the same basic human rights.
    Muslim women wear the hijab because God has commanded in the Holy Quran for women to cover themselves.
    I am a muslim women and I like to wear the hijab because it lends me a sense of confidence and defines who I am.

    • @ Rubina:
      Allah also command Muslims to obey the existing Authority law ( Ulil Amri) even against your religion.
      Look at 4:59. To obey existing authority it means you obey Allah, if you reject authority it means you reject Allah.
      Allah will forgive you. Allah never impose hardship to His people.
      If you still reject the law of the land, I suggest you to leave and go back where you belong. No another option.
      Allah is all Wiser and Knower
      All love

    Ahmadiyyah leaders should advice Muslim women to obey the existing authority law loyally and do not show a attitude of rebellion to authority. Very dangerous for all Muslims. I believe that Ahmadiyyah promote peaceful Islam. This is a right moment for Ahmadiyyah to tell publicly that women have to obey ULIL AMRI. Q.4:59.
    All love

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