A Mosque Was Bombed. What to Do With the Shoes Left Behind?

Source: The New York Times


KABUL, Afghanistan — Nobody really knew what to do with the pile of shoes left outside a Kabul mosque targeted by a suicide bombing a few days earlier.

The shoes were both trivial and haunting.

Worshipers take their shoes off before entering the main hall of a mosque to respect the sanctity of the space. When Islamic State suicide bombers attacked this Shiite mosque in Kabul during crowded Friday prayers on Aug. 25, the lucky ones rushed through the back doors or jumped out of windows, running for their lives barefoot on warm asphalt.

About 40 people were killed, two dozen of them now buried in the mosque’s rose garden, and nearly 100 were wounded in the attack.

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  1. If non Muslims say that Islam is not a religion of peace,, because in reallity Muslims have been killing other Muslims since hundred years till today.

    Does Ahmadiyyah still believe that Islamic teaching is religion of peace and Mercy?

    Hopefully Ahmadiyyah can explain it for us
    Thank you.

    • Do you really believe that suicide is allowed in Islam or killing is in way promoted? Which Islam are you researching? Muslim are people who are truly submissive to the will of Allah and Allah does not allow one human to to kill humanity. Those who kill hijack Islam and pull the blindfold over the eyes of people like you to gain power, control, money, fear, hate and most of all division among humanity. If you really want to know Ahmadiyya than drop your bias, hate and indifference and do some honest research. Get in touch with us . It’s simple we have have mta.tv and alislam.org , it’s a challenge

      • Do you read the book of Hadist as second source of Islami teaching which Imam Muslim and Bukhari command Muslim to kill infidel, apastate ( Ahmadiyyah)
        Homosexual and blasphemer etc.

        If Ahmadiyyah reject the book of Hadith, and believe in Holy Quran, Ahmadiyyah can claim that Islam is religion of PEACE, because Al Quran forbid Muslim to kill innocent people Quran 5:32.

        READ MORE: ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION OF OEACE ANYMORE SINCE MUSLIMS BELIEVE IN THE BOOK OF HADITH: http://ilovemodrenislam.blogspot.com/2017/09/is-islam-religion-peace-and-mercy-or.html?m=1

      • Please Somi: Do not ‘assume’ or ‘put words in the mouth of Ahmadiyya’. Read the articles on The Muslim Times properly. Of course Ahmadiyya has never taught that blasphemers should be killed. etc.

  2. People are blindfolded with the wrong teachings of Islam. In Islam killing is the biggest sin that could be commited. I don’t believe any religion would promote bombing in a religious area.

  3. A very sad incident.
    Terrorism has no place in Islam.These extremists are only using the name of Islam while they don’t know anything about Islam.
    Islam never teaches its followers to kill anybody

  4. Sad news. Mosques, temples churches are places for worship. These kind of terrorist acts should not happen there. Islam is the most peaceful religion, it never teaches and promotes bloodshed and hatred. It is those “Black-sheeps” who are blaming Islam.

  5. &Rafiq I know that Ahamadiyyah never command to kill Blasphemer, but Ahmadiyyah never reject that blasphemer law is found in the book of Hadith, and Ahmadiyyah believe in the book of hadith as the second source of islamic teaching, be honest, As long as Ahmadiyyah do not reject the book of Hadith, ahmadiyyah will be targeted to kill by Extremust Muslim.
    I strongly demand Ahmadiyyah to reject the book of Hadith as the second Islamic teaching.

    • Which Hadith do you point to to be exact? Because Hadith authenticity must be confirmed. So if you are so adamant please be specific and bring your exact reference

    • @somi Tempo Which Hadith do you point to to be exact? Because Hadith authenticity must be confirmed. So if you are so adamant please be specific and bring your exact reference

  6. As a follower of true Islam we strongly condemned the incident happened in Afghanistan. They were there for worship only. May God protect all .

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