As a young Jew, the news coming out of Israel makes me feel hopeless about ending the Occupation


So show your love for the stranger or foreigner, for you were foreigner in the land of Egypt. (Deuteronomy 10:19)

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The Muslim Times is promoting peace and secularism in every country of the world

 Source: The Independent

My relationship with Israel began with the Rabin assassination, the second intifada and two wars in Gaza – all episodes of extreme aggression that were all underpinned by the dehumanisation of ‘the other’

Five decades of occupation is what led an Israeli soldier, Elor Azaria, to shoot an incapacitated Palestinian man lying on the ground in the head, with 67 per cent of the country now supporting a pardon for his conviction. It is 50 years of occupation that drives someone to take a knife and stab a person in the chest while they wait for their friends by the walls of Old City. It’s what leads to a truck being driven into a public bus stop killing four people. It is what causes a Palestinian woman to tell me she’s terrified of getting into a car accident in Jerusalem, in case the police think she’s a terrorist and shoot her on the spot in front of her children.

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  1. Allah has given the Jews a scientific brain, to prepare them for Nobel Prizes and such. Unfortunately there was not sufficient space left for compassion. Or for sensible ‘peace-making’ efforts. Israel is so much more powerful than Palestine: Nuclear arms against stone throwers. They could ‘Impose Peace’. No need for any negotiations. If the cash of 38 billion $ was spent for development instead of bullets all Palestinians in the occupied territories could live as equal citizens in the OneState that most Israelis seem to want. You can not have one State with totally different citizens or residents. An Apartheid State is not going to last. Ask the South Africans.

  2. The fact is that the majority of Jews want neither a one-state neither a two-state solution for Israel, that’s why they have been procrastinating for so long, and at the same time expanding their territory. That has been their plan all along. Of course, there have been a few exceptional Jews, but their voices will not be taken into consideration.

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