Interior ministry considering honorary citizenship for ‘ideological Pakistani’ Donald Trump


Donald Trump

Source: Khabaristan Times

Islamabad: Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has revealed that the ministry is considering giving honorary Pakistani citizenship to the early favourite for Republican nominee in the US Presidential race, Donald Trump. In an exclusive interview with Khabaristan Times, Nisar said that the process would be streamlined further should Trump continue to manifest himself as an ‘ideological Pakistani’. It is pertinent to mention here that Nisar’s announcement comes following Trump’s vocal support for discriminatory laws against Muslims in the US.

“The dilemma Pakistani diaspora in the US must be facing these days is that Trump is making them feel at home,” Nisar said while talking to Khabaristan Times.  “Since, the media is abuzz with his hate-mongering statements, Pakistanis can easily relate with them,” he added.

Nisar said Trump is endeavouring to replicate Pakistan by striving to achieve what Pakistan fulfilled decades ago.

“The American real estate tycoon is striving to take his country to the level where we had been decades ago. In the same era when USA was celebrating their trip to moon, we were a proud nation who had succeeded in banning alcohol as well as religious identity of a particular community.

“Forty years on, now an American presidential candidate is trying to emulate us by targeting a particular community while we are fighting over the moon. So, our fellow Pakistani brethren must be having a sense of deja vu.

“The problem for them must be that many of them must have taken refuge in America to get rid of religious fundamentalism brewing in Pakistan but Trump has brought them to square one.”

The federal interior minister, while announcing that paperwork was underway for Trump’s honorary Pakistani citizenship, said that the Presidential candidate was ‘more Pakistani than American.’

“Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be an American but a Pakistani. He can be very successful in Pakistan, if he directs his wrath at some particular sects of Islam rather than all the Muslims.

“In Pakistan, he can come up with laws to ban a particular sect from practicing its religion freely. If someone doesn’t agree with the law then he may also resort to killing that person only to be later decorated with garlands.

“Moreover, in Pakistan, one belonging to a particular sect may also be shown the path to heaven just by establishing the faith through identity card.”

Nisar further encouraged Trump to move to Pakistan.

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