Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank

By AFP – Nov 09,2015 –


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — Car-ramming and stabbing attacks wounded six Israelis in the West Bank on Sunday while two alleged Palestinian assailants were shot.

In the first incident, a Palestinian rammed a group of Israelis with a car at a junction, wounding four of them, and was then killed by Israeli occupation forces, Tel Aviv said.

The alleged attacker was said to have driven the car into an area south of Nablus where Israelis typically gather to hitch rides. A checkpoint is located nearby and Israeli occupation forces opened fire.

Israeli public radio described two of the wounded as in a serious condition.

Later, a Palestinian woman allegedly stabbed a security guard near a West Bank settlement and was shot by the victim, Israeli forces said.

The incident occurred at the entrance to the Beitar Illit settlement south of occupied Jerusalem. The fate of the woman was not immediately clear.

The third incident saw an Israeli settler stabbed while shopping in the West Bank village of Nabi Ilyas, with two alleged Palestinian assailants fleeing afterwards, the Israeli government said.

The victim, aged around 50, was stabbed in the stomach but managed to drive to a nearby checkpoint and was taken for medical treatment, authorities said.

Since the start of October, 73 Palestinians have been killed. Nine Israelis have also been killed as well as one Arab Israeli.

Violent protests have also erupted in occupied East Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

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  1. Violence begets violence. Stabbing unarmed people or ramming cars into crowds or hitch-hikers are not innocent incidents.
    Those who send others to commit acts leading to their untimely deaths do not go themselves or send their children to become ‘martyrs’.

  2. Of course you are right (for a change). But can you not think a bit deeper? Any Palestinian who stabs an Israeli knows full well that his/her life is finished as well. Consequently should we not ask ourselves what condition brings these Palestinians to such extremes?! Surely it is not just ‘for fun’.

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