Over 3.4m non-Jordanians living in Jordan — PM

by Jordan Times | Mar 04, 2015 | 22:49

AMMAN – Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Wednesday said that nearly over 3.4 million people from Arab countries reside in Jordan, which he described as safe haven for all Arabs.

They live alongside around 6.5 million Jordanians, according to the latest estimate by the Higher Population Council.

At a meeting with Libyan interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al Thinni in Amman, Ensour said that a large number of Libyans currently live in Jordan, indicating that the Kingdom currently hosts around 1.4 million Syrians, 500,000 Iraqis and around 1.5 million Palestinians who are not Jordanian citizens. 

The premier also said that around 35,000 people from Yemen live in Jordan. 

Jordan has always remained and used to be the “open gate” for Arabs and to offer help to them despite its limited resources and capabilities, Ensour said.


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