​#MuslimLivesMatter: Protests over BBC’s Chapel Hill murders ‘silence’

A protest will take place outside the BBC on Thursday evening to condemn the broadcaster’s minimal coverage of the Chapel Hill murders in the US, which saw three Muslim students shot and killed.

Organizers say the BBC’s coverage of the Chapel Hill murders in North Carolina on Wednesday was tantamount to silence in comparison to the corporation’s reporting on the Paris attacks last month.


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  1. @Salma Javid Khan; What exactly do you mean? This tragic event has been reported on daily (and often) since it happened by all the major media outlets in the US: TV, their websites, and newspapers. And, of course, major foreign websites e.g. BBC etc. What more do you want? That the media proclaim that the victims were killed solely because they were Muslims? While I think that was probably the case, the media can’t report that as a fact until it’s proven as such. Opinion columnists can say that, I can say that, but news reports can’t.

    When the US Army Major Nidal Hasan (a doctor and psychiatrist) murdered 13 people and wounded 32 others at Fort Hood, TX in an Army medical clinic while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, the US government said it was a ‘work place violence’ incident, rather than one based on religeous beliefs or prejudices much to the overwhelming scorn of the majority of Americans. Did you post a ‘hash tag’ over that infamy? Probably not, I’d say, because the victims there weren’t Muslims. So, I’ll post a relevant one for you:


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