Pakistan: Latif Ahmad Butt falls victim to assassin’s bullet in Attock


Attock, Pakistan

Courtesy: Mr Nasim Malik & Mirza Nasim Baig

“It is reported with sadness that an Ahmadi Mr. Lateef Alam Butt son of Khursheed Alam Butt from Kamrah in district Attock was shot dead by unknown assailants at around 7.30 PM today. Mr. Lateef was 62 year old and was retired from Pakistan Air force and running his stationary shop in the area.

Today he was going back to his house after closing his shop that people followed him and shot him dead.

He was a well-known Ahmadi and his house was a prayer centre for local Ahmadis. Other Jamaat events also used to take place at his house. He was a very gentle and sincere person and during his air force days his house used to be centre of Jamaati activities.

He has left four sons, a daughter and his widow behind. His elder son is also serving in Air Force and a second son works with him in the stationary shop. One of his sons is employed in Lahore and fourth is studying at a university. His daughter is married.

Police is investigating the incident and the dead body will be handed over to his family after post mortem.”

ISLAMABAD: Gunmen in Attock have shot dead a retired air force official who was a member of the country’s Ahmadi minority, police said Thursday, bringing to seven the number of people killed in violence against the persecuted community this year.

The incident took place in Attock district, around 64 kilometres north of Islamabad on Wednesday, a spokesman for the community said.

“Latif Aalam Butt, a well-known Ahmadi was killed outside his house in Kamra, district Attock. He was returning home from his stationery store, when unknown assailants repeatedly fired at him,” Saleem ud Din said.

Local police also confirmed the incident, adding that Butt was 62. It was not immediately clear what role he had served in the air force.

“The victim’s son filed an application here at the police station today,” local police official Qasim Ali told AFP.

“According to his son’s account, the victim owned a stationery shop in Saddar market and was returning home from his shop during the incident.”

Butt’s neighbour reported the incident and he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the local hospital, Ali quoted the son as saying.

Agitation against the group began as early as the 1950s, eventually culminating in a constitutional amendment in 1974 that ruled the group non-Muslims — making Pakistan the only state to adopt such a policy.

Gunmen shot dead an Ahmadi doctor in the southern city of Mirpur Khas last month. In July, an angry mob torched an Ahmadi neighbourhood in the city of Gujranwala, killing a woman and two girls after a local Ahmadi boy was accused of blasphemy.

The worst attack in recent times came in 2010 when an assault on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore killed nearly 100 people.

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