Jihad – The True Islamic Concept

The Truth Message – Part – 3.16:

Islam & Jihad

Let me begin with Bismi-llahi r-rahmani r-rahim
[In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Ever Merciful]

The Islamic institution of Jihad is the least understood and the most talked about aspect of Islam in the world today.

Unfortunately the concept of Jihad is not only misrepresented by the non-Muslims but also by Muslims themselves.

Today the term ‘Jihad’ is understood as Holy War waged by the Muslims against the non-Muslimsfor the sole purpose of converting them into Muslims OR Jihad is again termed as a war waged offensively to avenge for assaults on Islam – Let me tell you, both of these and all other such definitions of Jihad are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Nothing, in fact, could be farther from truth.

I will present you evidence from History and written testimony of Allah’s words from Muslim’s own Holy Book – the Qur’an-e-Kareem with attestations from Hadees-e-Nabvi – sayings of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) and his Sunnah (ways) to prove my point… Please read them all with patience, thank you. Peace!

Okay, to start:

Didn’t we read that Islam is the religion promoting peace and the definition of a Muslim is ‘one who is entirely at peace with himself and who promotes peace in society’?

Don’t we know that the definition of a Muslim as given by the very founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) is: ‘A Muslim is that person from whose hands and from whose tongue all people are safe.’ …Remember?

Again, we know: The whole mankind is the progeny of God. Hence the most loving among the people in the sight of Allah is he who treats the members of the progeny well. (Hadees: Saying of the Holy Prophet)

And as the Holy Qur’an says,

O’ mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and we have made you tribes and sub-tribes that you know one another. Verily the most honourable among you, in the sight of Allah, is he who is the most righteous among you. (Ch 49.Vr 14)

However, the incidents of 9/11 in New York, 26/11 in India, 7/7 in London, shootings in Canada, the ISIS, the Boko Haram and other such similar events created confusion, uncertainty, and fear about Islam: Also, a lasting yet incorrect interpretation of Islam is formed in most of the minds today that it is a religion that encourages bloody violence … nothing else could actually be farther from truth, seriously.

Muslim Ulema (religious clerics) of certain sects have propagated prejudice and intolerance not only against other faiths but also against other Muslims sects as well, and it is made a sort of a must follow thing for all Muslims. Muslims who do not subscribe to these violent or unislamic views are immediately branded Kafirs (i.e. disbelievers) and aggression and violence are promoted against such individuals or communities.

Jihad – Supreme Efforts in the Way of Allah

Jihad, as ordained by Islam, does not consist of killing and being killed in the way of lord instead it refers to striving hard to win the pleasure of Allah by all noble morals. Islam wants peace at all costs and naturally all our Islamic efforts and energies are supposed to be spent in creating peace and harmony amongst ourselves, our communities and society at large… but Mullahs think that Islam is their personal property and so their redesign and reframe it according to their own ideologies & opinions: As an expected result we see today that these Mullahs and Muftis have issued the first of its kind: A License to Kill!

Their concept of Islam believes in killing anybody and everybody who, according to them, is not worthy enough to live. This could include a person, a family or a community of another religion, or a different sect from their own religion, or it can also include a … we’ll discuss this in great detail in the later parts of this message.

Now let’s understand: Jihad – The True Islamic Concept

Literally speaking, the Arabic word Jihad means “utmost effort” or “striving”.

And Jihad in Islamic terminology means to make an effort, to endeavor and to strive in a noble way to attain great spiritual heights.

Jihad can be divided into two broad categories:

First is Jihad-e-Akbar or say The Greater Jihad: This is the Jihad against one’s own person to curb sinful inclinations, i.e., to purify self / to fight against self to stay away from every kind of manifest & hidden sin. This is the most difficult Jihad and hence in terms of rewards and blessings is the highest type of Jihad.

So you see Jihad refers to supreme efforts in the way to please Allah. This is perhaps the only strategy for cleansing the human soul – Your entire salvation depends on this cleanliness alone… simple isn’t it?

The great Hindu Maharishi Vyas Muni has also confirmed through his prophesy where he explains coming of Mohammad (saw) saying: …that the following among other qualities of Muhammadian people… “They will attain purity through Jihad.”

How excellent is it that one divine religion defends another divine religion! Holy is my Lord, All praise belongs to Him.

About Jihad Allah, the Almighty in his own book says in his own words:

[61:11-12] O ye who believe! shall I point out to you a bargain that will save you from a painful punishment? That you believe in Allah and His Messenger, and strive in the cause of Allah with your wealth and your persons. That is better for you, if you did not know.

[29:70] And as for those who strive in Our path-We will surely guide them in Our ways. And verily Allah is with those who do good.

Sir Mohammad Zafarullah Khan-first Foreign Minister of Pakistan (1947–54), President of the UN General Assembly (1962–64), President of the International Court of Justice (1970–73) wrote a more extensive comparison of Islam and human rights to show that the teachings of Islam are those of freedom, truth and justice.

He said, “Mere brutal fighting is opposed to the whole spirit of Jihad. As a matter of act: The scholar’s pen or the preacher’s voice or the wealthy man’s charity are said to be the most valuable forms of Jihad.” …for words written by the pen are the most inexhaustible source of action: capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.

The second Jihad which is called the lesser Jihad is Jihad-e-asghar. This is the Jihad where a Muslim is permitted to defend himself against the on-coming attack / attacker. [FYI: Offense of all kinds is disallowed, absolutely prohibited in Islam.] And to elaborate this defense against the approaching attack is only allowed under specified conditions and with the boundaries permitted.

The Holy Qur’an makes this clear:

Permission to fight is given to those against whom war is made, because they have been wronged…. (Ch.22:V.40)

The subsequent verse clarifies further the nature of the wrong done. It states:

Those who have been driven out from their homes unjustly only because they said, ‘Our Lord is Allah (The God, the One Lord)’. (Ch.22:V.41)

That’s all.

To explain the story Qur’an says,

And if Allah had not repelled some people by means of others, then cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques, wherein the name of Allah (the One-God) is oft remembered, would surely have been destroyed. And Allah will surely help him who helps Him. Allah is indeed, Powerful, Mighty. (Ch.22:V.41)

This verse sets out, amongst – other things, that Jihad is authorized to preserve freedom of worship and conscience. It applies to conscience and freedom of all people, be they the Jews, or Christians, Muslims or any other faith. Allah (The One-God), in this sense, is the same God who is remembered in cloisters, churches, synagogues and mosques. By confirming the unity of all religions and peoples under one God, the verse says almost as much about the imperative of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect between nations as it does about Jihad.

The Holy Quran says about the people who follow the correct commands of Christ:

 And thou shalt assuredly find those who say, ‘We are Christians,’ to be the nearest of them in love to the believers. That is because amongst them are savants and monks and because they are not proud. (Al Quran 5:83)

The Holy Qur’an, revealed approximately 1400 years ago, states most categorically:

There is no compulsion in religion’. (Ch. 2 V.257) and

And say: It is the truth from your Lord, wherefore let him who will, believe, and let him, who will disbelieve.’ (Ch.18: V.30)

[2:192] ‘…persecution is worse than killing.’

And then in [2:257] ‘… there is no compulsion in matters of religion’ … which was detailed to us by the Chief of Prophets.

We were also told: …And We have not made thee a keeper over them, nor art thou over them a guardian. (Ch. 6, V.108)

So where did you find that killing innocents in the name of Islam, or Allah, or His prophet (saw) is called Jihad? Found anywhere?

The Promised Messiah (as) said: ‘The people who call themselves Muslims, but are convinced that Islam should be spread by sword, are not aware of the inherent excellences of Islam, and their actions are like the actions of beasts.’ (Tiryaq-ul-Quloob, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol.15, p.167)

So someone who wishes to propagate Islam at the point of sword or Gun in not Jihad – Such a Jihad has no authority in the Holy Quran or the Traditions of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). In fact this view of Jihad presents Islam in the most detestable form and by generating enmity and hatred amongst non-Muslims alienates them from it irrevocably. This would, indeed defeat the very object of Islam, which is to win the hearts of all mankind by preaching its message of love and amity.

Islam could never allow the use of the sword for spreading the faith. Those Muslims who hold such views are not the friends of Islam but its deadly foes. They have low motives, mean natures, poor spirits, narrow minds, dull brains and short sight. It is they who open the way to an objection against Islam, the validity of which cannot be questioned. They hold that Islam needs the sword for their advancement, thus brand its purity and cast a slur upon its holy name.

It is a fact that coercion can only produce hypocrites, not true worshippers.

Please understand:

The sword can only bend heads but cannot win hearts.

So it is inconceivable that Islam would urge its followers to compel others, on the point of the sword, to become Muslims.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

The Promised Messiah of all religions: Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian, India

The Promised Messiah adds, “Why do you need to draw the sword to support your faith? What survives on bloodshed cannot be faith. (Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, Ruhani Khaza’in,vol. 15, p.132, 1902)

A Man of God - Khalifatul Maseeh the IV - Hazrath Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra)

A Man of God – Khalifatul Maseeh the IV – Hazrath Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra)

“As far as Islam is concerned, it categorically rejects and condemns every form of terrorism. It does not provide any cover or justification for any act of violence, be it committed by an individual, a group or a government….. I most strongly condemn all acts and forms of terrorism because it is my deeply rooted belief that not only Islam but also no true religion, whatever its name, can sanction violence and bloodshed of innocent men, women and children in the name of God.”

(Reference: “Murder in the Name of Allah” by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Fourth Successor to the Promised Messiah)

Now please allow me to explain you, to take you to the real scene where the concept of Jihad was born, you’ll then know what ‘lawful Jihad’ is. You will want to do Jihad yourselves after you know what it really means. The historical context should not be overlooked under any circumstance.

The Origin of Concept of Islamic Jihad

Scene: Mecca.

That part of Arabia where the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), had proclaimed his divine mission and invited people to learn & follow Islam – the only peaceful way of life which demands complete submission to the one-eternal-lord worshipped by all divine religions.

These people were illiterate and uncivilized.

Animosities were borne out of ridiculous and petty matters over which they would continue killing of their offenders and their families for years.

When the Holy Prophet (saw) made his claim and invited the Arabs towards the One and only God and when the unity of God and the Islamic truths were preached openly to idolatrous Arabs and convincing arguments against idol worship were impressed upon their minds and they were told how degrading it was for the noblest of God’s creatures to bow before to stones/idols and how Islam hold men & women equal and how Islam opposes slavery, etc. — the wise old ones and the young innocent ones embraced Islam.

However, the leaders amongst the tribes didn’t approve of it. They were worried that if Islam was made spread they’ll loose all status, and their idols will not be worshipped (Meccans and all Arabia at this time worshipped approximately 360 idols for different reasons…). Yet, now they found themselves unable to debate with the adherents of Islam upon argumentative ground. Islam is a way of life towards peace and harmonious living which was (and is) all perfectly reasonable to be accepted to the extent that it cannot be debated. BUT this exasperated the disbelievers only more and they saw plainly that if their fathers’ false religion was to be saved, excessive measures must be taken to stop the ingress into the new religion.

So to stop this movement to grow any further, the disbelievers of Makkah started persecuting the believers – the Muslims.

Those acquainted with early Muslim history know full well what barbarous and cruel treatment was meted out to the early converts, and how many were murdered in cold blood.

Their cruelty reached such heights that the believers were made to lie on the burning sands while baking-hot stones were placed on their chests;

They were whipped;

Their limbs were tied to camels which were then driven in opposite directions, rendering their bodies apart.

Not only this, the Holy Prophet (saw) and his group of believers was banished, and an embargo was placed on them; neither food nor water was allowed to be delivered to them.

His Companions questioned him that they would die in any case, so why not go down fighting and win by the sword? Remember even these Muslims came from among those who were ready to kill and cause bloodshed over the most trivial matters.

But when anyone said: “Permit us to fight,” the Holy Prophet (saw) would say that he had not been commanded to fight, but to be patient.

Please understand: This patience was not due to any weakness; this patience was shown only because the Holy Prophet (saw) had not been commanded by Allah the Almighty to fight. The Muslims were in a condition of helplessness and were being so cruelly oppressed.

Till thirteen long and weary years the prophet of Islam and his little band of devoted followers bore with calm dignity and patience the bitterest persecution at the hands of the Meccans.

If you refer to History you’ll know the levels of barbarism of these wrongdoers – it will leave you in tears and the scenes of persecution will haunt you for many days! These were the times when those entering the fold of Islam (men & women) were being slaughtered like sheep and lambs. Starvation, flogging, scoffing, humiliations, degradations and outrages of every description were the order of the day.

At last, the Holy Prophet (saw) allowed some oppressed ones to migrate. And then, after some time, he too migrated to Medina.

Allah says about them:

[9:20] Those who believe and emigrate from their homes for the sake of God and strive in the cause of Allah with their property and their persons have the highest rank in the sight of Allah. And it is they who shall triumph.

Hold it.

Today some people claim that Islam was spread with the sword! How wrong they are!

If Islam was to be spread with a sword, then why the heck would any Muslim migrate?

Why is such an allegation being made against the sufferers (the Prophet and the early Muslims)? Pathetic fact is that these allegations are not made by other religions but by Muslims themselves!

So despite all clear references & evidences today we see the allegation leveled against the Holy Prophet (saw) are that, God forbid, he spread terror OR that He spread Islam with the sword… How wrong! How very wrong!

Muslim did have to fight in battles, I do not deny this, but you’ll see soon as why?

To the curious ones the answer is: These battles were not undertaken for gaining converts but to protect innocent Muslims lives.

Back to story: When the Muslims migrated to Madinah, here as well the Makkans hounded, pursued and attacked them. At that time, the Muslims were in such condition that they had neither the resources nor equipment for battle – they were refugees in a new land, whereas confronting them was a fully equipped army. The battle is known as the Battle of Badr.

These circumstances are not hidden from anyone and are recorded in history. What could those unskilled and inexperienced Muslims have done? Some of them were only teenagers, others were old and then there were women & Children.

Now when the enemy wanted to completely annihilate the Muslims, Allah, the Almighty instructed them to defend themselves. It was only then that the following verse of the Holy Qur’an was revealed, and this is the first commandment that deals with fighting. I invite you to look at its beauty and the purpose for which the permission to fight was granted; Allah says:

Permission to fight is given to those against whom war is made, because they have been wronged… – those who have been driven out from their homes unjustly only because they said, ‘Our Lord is Allah’; ….. (Ch.22:Vs.40-41)

Reasonably, if permission had not been given for defense by the Lord, then the handful of newly made Muslims would have been killed and Islam might have vanished. Would you think God will permit his plan to be failed and his believers be killed whereby letting the wrongdoers & disbelievers win?

I request you to please think about it with a clean heart.

And, this permission for war was thus only for defense and for securing peace only – the battles were therefore not undertaken for gaining converts but to protect innocent Muslims lives.

Even today, any sane person irrespective of his or her religion would say that this rationale is indeed valid and this decision is quite enough to justify… won’t you accept? Please tell me, won’t you? Do be just in your decision.

Drawing attention to the people with whom you are allowed to fight, Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: “And fight in the cause of Allah against those who fight against you, but do not transgress. Surely, Allah loves not the transgressors.” (Ch.2:V.191)

It is clearly expressed here that the commandment of Jihad-e-asghar was only against those people who fought only in defense in the matters of faith and only when they were attacked upon.

Qur’an clearly says, ‘Verily Allah requires you to abide by justice, and to treat with grace, and to give like the giving of kin to kin; and forbids indecency and manifest evil, and transgression. He admonishes you that you may take heed. (Ch.16: V.91)

Whenever the time to defend himself against the attackers arrived, The Holy Prophet Muhammad strictly admonished Muslims against attacking the old, the diseased, the women and the children… All Muslims were only supposed to defend the attacker.

[60:9] …Allah loves those who are equitable.

The purpose of narrating this incident (continued below) is to show that the understanding of Jihad today runs counter to the true teachings of Islam. Extremists have distorted its image in the eyes of people of other faiths, and have caused them to harbour mistrust and hatred against the Muslims. A great deal of suspicion persists against Islam and, unfortunately, it is the Muslims who are to be blamed for this.

Can there be any greater sin than to deprive the world of the blessings of Islam—as the Muslim clergy and their followers have done—and can such a religion be considered Divine which is unable to inculcate its teachings into people’s hearts without brandishing the sword? Nay, the true religion is the one whose irrefutable arguments and inner excellences themselves act as a sword, and it requires no sword made of steel.

Can an unbiased judgement accept the conclusion that Islam was unable to prove its reasonableness as against savage Arabs? Can an unprejudiced mind believe that men who had sunk down so low as to worship images and lifeless things and who indulged in every manner of vice, could yet vanquish the noble religion of Islam on intellectual grounds, and that failure in proof led it to resort to the sword for increasing the number of its followers? Those who have advanced such objections against Islam have been guilty of grave injustice, inasmuch as they have concealed the true state of facts.

Fighting is permissible only to repel or halt aggression; but even in the course of such fighting Muslims are not permitted to adopt unduly aggressive measures. “Fight in the cause of Allah against those who fight against you, but do not transgress. Surely, A1lah loves not the transgressors.” (2: 191) ‘Persecution is worse than killing’, for it seeks to destroy the soul. (2:192) Therefore, “fight them until there is no persecution, and religion is freely professed for the sake of Allah; but if they desist, then remember that no hostility is allowed except against the aggressors.” (2: 194) The phrase ‘but if they desist’ is mentioned not only in verse 193 but also in 194 clearly sealing the interpretation that the warfare is only defensive.

Pertaining to these set of verses Sir Muhammad Zafarulla Khan, who was perhaps one of the best legal minds of the last century has written, “These are basic and fundamental directives. There is a host of other directions in the Quran with regard to the prosecution of war, but they are all subject to the conditions here laid down, and must be so construed.”

Once one understands the guiding principles on the issue of war and peace the details become self evident to the well read. These principles also help us defend any criticism, leveled by the nonbelievers against the peaceful teachings of Islam.

Please always remember: Islam never took the sword for its own propagation or for any other purpose. And even if it did it did not take up arms of its own accord but was compelled to do so. It had to defend itself and repel the dangerous foe.

Continuing the story:

Though now the permission to take up arms in defense was granted to the Muslims, but considering the numbers and material resources, the Muslims were at a fearful disadvantage compared to the Quraish. The Muslims were in no position to take the field against an enemy as powerful as Quraish. Indeed, they shrank from the prospect.

Allah then said:

Fighting is ordained for you, while it is repugnant to you. It may be that you dislike a thing, which is good for you, and it may also be that you prefer a thing and it may be the worse for you. Allah knows all and you know not.” (2:217).

Therefore, the verses of Sura Hajj that allowed defensive war highlighted that Allah is Mighty and Powerful and fully capable of helping the rightful party. The verses said, “And Allah will, surely, help him who helps Him. Allah is, indeed, Powerful, Mighty. ….. And with Allah rests the final issue of all affairs.” Al Hajj 22:41-42.

Sacrifices of Muslim lives were required, this was inevitable… sacrifices are always a must for triumph, however, as Allah says:

O ye who believe! when you encounter an army, remain firm, and remember Allah much that you may prosper. And obey Allah and His Messenger and dispute not with one another, lest you falter and your power departs from you. And be steadfast; surely, Allah is with the steadfast. (8:46-47).

[9:111] Surely, Allah has purchased of the believers their persons and their property in return for the Garden they shall have; they fight in the cause of Allah, and they slay and are slain – a promise that He has made incumbent on Himself in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Qur’an. And who is more faithful to his promise than Allah? Rejoice, then, in your bargain which you have made with Him; and that it is which is the supreme triumph.

Rules of War in Islam:

The Quran teaches that when war breaks out, it should be waged in such a way as to cause the least possible amount of damage to life and property; and that hostilities should be brought to a close as quickly as possible.


Muslim teachings do not consist only the precepts laid down in the Quran but it also includes the sayings of the Prophet. What HE did or taught in concrete situations is also an essential part of the Islamic teaching. We append here some sayings of the Prophet on the subject of war and peace:

Muslims are forbidden altogether to mutilate the dead (Muslim).

Muslims are forbidden to resort to cheating (Muslim).

Children are not to be killed, nor women (Muslim).

Priests and religious functionaries and religious leaders are not to be interfered with (�a�avi).

The old and decrepit and women and children are not to be killed. The possibility of peace should always be kept in view (Abu Dawud).

When Muslims enter enemy territory, they should not strike terror into the general population. They should permit no ill-treatment of common folk (Muslim).

A Muslim army should not camp in a place where it causes inconvenience to the general public. When it marches it should take care not to block the road nor cause discomfort to other wayfarers.

No disfigurement of face is to be permitted (Bukhari and Muslim).

When prisoners of war are put under guard, those closely related should be placed together (Abu Dawud).

Prisoners should live in comfort. Muslims should care more for the comfort of their prisoners than for their own (Tirmidhi).

Emissaries and delegates from other countries should be held in great respect. Any mistakes or discourtesies they commit should be ignored (Abu Dawud, Kitab al-Jihad).

If a Muslim commits the sin of ill-treating a prisoner of war, atonement is to be made by releasing the prisoner without ransom.

When a Muslim takes charge of a prisoner of war, the latter is to be fed and clothed in the same way as the Muslim himself (Bukhari).

MOST IMPORTANTLY: The Holy Prophet was so insistent on these rules for a fighting army that he declared that whoever did not observe these rules, would fight not for God but for his own mean self (Abu Dawud).

More instructions from the Quran, in the words of Allah, the Almighty:

[8:62-63] And if they incline towards peace, incline thou also towards it, and put thy trust in Allah. Surely, it is He Who is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. And if they intend to deceive thee, then surely Allah is sufficient for thee. He it is Who has strengthened thee with His help and with the believers.

And it also adds: And if anyone of the idolaters ask protection of thee, grant him protection, so that he may hear the word of Allah: then convey him to his place of security. That is because they are a people who have no knowledge (9:6).

According to Islam, should war become unavoidable, every effort must be made to limit its mischief and horror and to bring hostilities to a close as early as possible. Muslims were forbidden to pillage or plunder. Savage practices like disfiguring the enemy dead and torturing prisoners of war, are prohibited altogether in Islam.

His Holiness Abu Bakr, the First Khalifa of Islam, supplemented these commands by some of his own. Muslims were further instructed:

Public buildings and fruit-bearing trees (and food crops) are not to be damaged (Mu’a��a).

Forgiveness is preferred as recompense in Islam:

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

Remember that the recompense of an injury is an injury the like thereof; but whoso forgives and thereby brings about an improvement, his reward is with Allah. Surely, He loves not the wrongdoers. (42:41)

Under no circumstances a Muslim is allowed to transgress and retaliate beyond what the enemies are doing as said: ‘Allah. loves not the wrongdoers’.

Under no circumstances are Muslims to violate the reasonable limits set by Allah as he says: “And let not the enmity of a people, …incite you to transgress.

And help one another in righteousness and in piety; but help not one another in sin and transgression: And fear Allah; Surely Allah is Severe in punishment.” (5:3)

All this was designed towards making war as humane as possible and also was to put an end to the inhuman practices that were accepted as norm in Arabia before the advent of Islam. Muslims were forbidden to inflict an injury upon anyone’s face. The Holy Prophet, peace be on him, observed that a Muslim should be most careful in inflicting an injury. Holy Prophet was pursuing peace at all cost.

Allah the Almighty guides the Muslims, declaring: And if they incline towards peace, incline thou also towards it, and put thy trust in Allah. Surely, it is He Who is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (Ch.8:V.62)

So, the teaching is that if the enemy is inclined towards peace, then you should also incline towards it.

It is high time that all these base charges should be cleared from the face of Islam.

Some Writings of Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (1835-1908)

The Promised Messiah, peace be on him said:

“The doctrine of Jehad as understood and propagated by the Muslim divines of this age who are called maulvis is utterly incorrect.”

“It can lead to nothing except that by their forceful preaching they would convert common people into wild beasts and would deprive them of all the good qualities of human beings; and so it has happened.”

“I know for certain that the burden of the sins of those people who commit murders through ignorance on account of such preaching’s, and who are unaware of the reason why Islam had to fight battles in its early stages, lies on the necks of these maulvis who go on propagating secretly these dangerous doctrines which result in such grievous loss of life.”

Suspension of Jihad with Sword

“I have brought you a commandment, which is that Jehad with the sword has been ended but the Jehad of the purification of your spirits must continue to be waged. I say this not on my own but in order to proclaim the design of God. Reflect on the hadees of Bukhari wherein it is stated that the Promised Messiah would put an end to fighting for the faith. Accordingly I command those who have joined my ranks that they should discard all such notions. They should purify their hearts and foster their mercy and should have sympathy for the afflicted. They should spread peace on the earth, for this would cause their faith to spread”

The Use Of Force Is Forbidden By The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran clearly forbids the use of force for the spread of the faith and directs its propagation through its inherent qualities and the good example of the Muslims. Do not be misled by the notion that in the beginning the Muslims were commanded to take up the sword. That sword was not taken up for the spread of the faith, but in self- defense against the enemies of Islam and for the purpose of establishing peace and security. It was no part of the purpose of taking it up to have recourse to coercion in the matter of faith (Sitarah Qaisariyyah, p. 16).

Islam today is in a very precarious state, and its light has been almost completely eclipsed. The Muslims have erred not only in their beliefs but also in their practices. They have fabricated some Traditions which have not only adversely affected their character, but are also contrary to the Divine law of nature.

So what’s the solution?

Pen to fight pen – Jihad of the Pen

Now it is the Jihad with the pen (instead of the sword) that has to be waged. That is why this now is the time that the people should pick up courage and spend their time and wealth.

You should know it well that this is not the time to go the battlefield for religious purposes. The battles that were fought during the life time of the Holy Prophet, sallallaho alaihi wa sallam, were not meant to convert the non-believers to Islam by force; these battles were fought by the Muslims to defend themselves. When the Muslims were inhumanly tortured and turned out of Mecca and many Muslims had become martyrs, it was then that God commanded them to fight back; this definitely was a defensive measure. Now the times have changed. There is peace every where; it is with the pen that Islam is being attacked. That is why it is necessary that pen should be used to rebut the attacks. God the Almighty says in the Holy Quran that you should make preparation to defend yourselves with the same kind of weapons as the opponents happen to use.

Think of the preparations that the opponents of Islam are now making. They are not lining up the armies. They are publishing magazines and books. We also should, therefore, pick up our pen and answer their attacks with magazines and books. (Malfoozat Vol. 8, pg. 20)

[4:96] Those of the believers who sit still, excepting the disabled ones, and those who strive in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their persons, are not equal. Allah has exalted in rank those who strive with their wealth and their persons above those who sit still. And to each Allah has promised good. And Allah has exalted those who strive above those who sit still, by a great reward.

TO ALL Ignorant Muslims & ENEMIES OF ISLAM – I WISH TO SAY THIS: Please listen what Allah is saying you in the Holy Qur’an:

[4:95] O ye who believe! when you go forth in the cause of Allah, make proper investigation and say not to anyone who greets you with the greeting of peace, “Thou art not a believer.” You seek the goods of this life, but with Allah are good things in plenty. Such were you before this, but Allah conferred His favor on you; so do make proper investigation. Surely, Allah is well aware of what you do.

We start with the basic undeniable fact that all establishments, societies, associations, jamaats, leagues, councils, brotherhoods or any other organized Islam-orientated group which publishes its views or those holding similar beliefs about Islam, must necessarily be deemed as actively engaged in the Jihad of the pen.

And We have expounded the (Quran) to them in diverse ways that they may take heed, but most men would reject everything but disbelief. If We had pleased, We would have surely raised a warner in every city; So obey not the disbelievers and strive against them by means of (the Quran) with a mighty striving. (25:51-53)

The reason we have chosen these verses is to illustrate the point that the resurgence of Islam must necessarily come from first principles, i.e.; the exposition of the Holy Quran and the original principles of his great religion. Hence a person who takes up the pen in the cause of Islam is indeed striving hard and is engaged in the Jihad of the pen.

Fight against them by means Of it (the Quran) a great fight Surah Al-Furqan (Ch. 25, V,53)

That’s exactly what I’m doing 🙂

Coming back to facts of today: Islam was and is the religion of peace however Muslims of today deny it and today blood is shed in the name of Allah & Prophet Muhammad disturbing all peace in a society & world at large in the very name of Islam supporting their cause with a very newly developed concept which they call as Jihad … thus it comes as NO surprise when the world says, “Islam is destroying the peace of the world”.

It is most unfortunate that today there are groups of Islamic scholars and Moulavis who completely misunderstand Jihad and misrepresent it to the general public. The doctrine of Jihad as understood and propagated by them is utterly incorrect!

Coming to the problem: These great extremists, terrorist groups and suicide bombers believe that killing disbelievers in Islam (non-Muslims) and in certain cases even Muslims too, is a shortcut to heaven. They are taught that by dying through suicide bombing & killing infidels they would go straight to Paradise, even without being examined by the angels Munkar and Nakir! They’re even given a letter by their leaders addressing the Treasurer of Paradise!!!

So, the result is that the fatalist desire to get this “ticket to paradise” has awakened a peculiar concept of a wrong Jihad which has caused them to take up the sword [Gun and bombs in today’s case] and is causing disorder in the world.

Today innocent young Muslims are trained in Jihadi camps across the world to kill humanity which they do for achieving paradise… How pathetic!

The Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) has already clarified this point saying: ‘By Him in Whose Hands is my life, you will not enter Paradise unless you believe, and you will not truly believe unless you love one another. Shall I tell you something whereby you will love one another? Multiply the greeting of peace among yourselves.’

In another Hadith, it is related that once the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) asked, ‘Shall I tell you one who the fire of hell will not touch? Fire will not harm any person who lives close to people’, that is to say, does not hate or despise anyone, treats them kindly, removes their difficulty and grants them ease and facilitates them’

Point clear?

Compare the Jihad taught by Allah and the Jihad taught by the Mullah.

Let’s not call it Jihad, please it insults the original term.

This thing that they do has absolutely nothing to do with ‘peace’ so has absolutely nothing to do with ‘Islam’ either.

I would request one and all to please refer to the Jihad as explained in Qur’an or Hadees… not from the mouth of a Mullah!

Paki Clerics also declare Jihad against government organized polio campaigns, certain cool drinks, and almost against every other Muslim who wishes to stick to Qur’anic principles instead of their personal views… pathetic!

These Mullahs get the innocent young minds and the old faithfuls and show them the dreams of landing in paradise in the Hereafter, yet with a condition that, only if they die doing Jihad, they would achieve it and that their standards would be raised in the hereafter and blah, blah, blah.

Please note: Their concept of Jihad is void of all Islamic teachings and absolutely wrong. The term Islam itself literally condemns this act – Please do not call it Jihad.

The Promised Messiah says, ‘The tradition prevalent among Muslims of attacking the people of other religions, which they call Jihad, is not the Jihad of Divine religious Law [Shariah]. Rather, it is a grievous sin and a violation of the clear instructions of God and His Prophet (saw).

A point to ponder:

‘Those who possess sight, read the Hadith and ponder over the Holy Qur’an should understand well that the kind of Jihad practiced by many of today’s barbaric people is not Islamic Jihad. Rather, these misguided activities that have spread amongst the Muslims are instigated by the Nafs-e-Ammarah [self that incites to evil] or by a crude desire for Paradise.’ (The British Government and Jihad by the Promised Prophet)

Even a non-Muslim leader of the great nation India writes, “It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to this friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These, and not the sword, carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle” [Mahatma Gandhi]

To Conclude:

God loves those who love his creation and man being the best of his creations is to be loved the most: and God will never like those who… well, you’re wise enough to complete my sentence.

Quran proves and Allah, the Almighty, clearly confirms that He does not like transgressors. If Allah does not like a person, there can be no question of him being allowed in Paradise. And again, it’s already said that ‘there’s no compulsion in religion’ (Quran 2:257)

And the Almighty commands:

“O ye who believe! Be steadfast in the cause of Allah, bearing witness in equity; and let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. Be always just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah. Surely, Allah is aware of what you do.”(Ch.5:V.9)

Consider this commandment which states that even enmity towards someone should not move you away from justice… One can see that Islamic teachings are meant for the establishment of justice.

In any case I do admit that the acts committed by certain ignorant and overenthusiastic Muslims have no doubt given a totally wrong impression of the teachings of Islam and have been preaching the same erroneous concept about Islamic Jihad for years now.

O Muslim scholars and O Moulavis! Listen to me. I tell you truly that this is not the Jihad taught by our beloved Prophet Mohammad (saw) – Do not disobey God’s Laws – it is the duty of every Muslim to refrain from such Jihad.

Allah says, O People of the Book, exceed not the limits in your religion, and say not of Allah anything but the truth. (Al-Nisa’ Ch. 4: Verse 172)

Friends! Abandon the thoughts of Jihad as warfare now; It is now forbidden to go to war for the sake of your faith. Now is the end of all wars of violence for faith. Islam is to be propagated through its Inherent Qualities and all Muslims must purify themselves against all types of sin – This is the time of Jihad-e-Akbar.

People of the Book, exceed not the bounds in the matter of your religion unjustly, nor follow the vain desires of a people who themselves went astray before and caused many others to go astray, and who strayed away from the right path. (Ch.5:Vs.76-78)

‘So obey not the disbelievers and strive by means of it [i.e., the Quran] a great striving.’ (Al-Furqan, 53)

Of Course! You must know as who (and why) spread this incorrect interpretation of Sharia (laws) provided by the Holy Qur’an? I can’t leave this topic unattended.

Incorrect interpretation of sharia (laws): The Maududi Philosophy

Maududi stands as one of the many WRONG people who are acclaimed philosophers / scholars of Islam.

In his book Fundamentals of Islam, Maududi introduced a very wrong explanation of the jihadi doctrine which had great influence on the minds of many who basically had no real knowledge of Islam, the Qur’an or the Hadees.

Moulana Maududi had gravely misunderstood the Islamic concept of Jihad and can now be held responsible for all the violence which happened under the influence of his teachings. He very wrong believed that ‘Islam was spread with the Sword’! How horrible to even think of it.

Confirming his thoughts the Quran says: 3.8: He[Allah] it is Who has sent down to thee the Book; in it there are verses that are firm and decisive in meaning – they are the basis of the Book – and there are others that are susceptible of different interpretations. But those in whose hearts is perversity pursue such thereof as are susceptible of different interpretations, seeking to cause discord and seeking wrong interpretation of it.

Moulana Maududi’s grave misunderstanding and later wide publishing that ‘Islam was spread with the sword since the time of Prophet Mohammad’ is an utterly false charge against the Saviour & Master of all Mankind, his Holiness Prophet Mohammad (saw). Nothing could ever be farthest from Truth. This is what he very wrongly called as ‘Islamic Jihad’ which has now led to the much violence seen throughout the world.

It hurts to see a sword in the flag with the Kalma… it gives out an utterly wrong impression!

And I would urge people to stop calling these rebellious or extremists or terrorist people as Islamic… Islam cannot permit even a single action that would destroy peace and so these people who kill masses for their egoistic motives are only militants, do not call them Muslim Militants. Never associate any religion with an aggressive act, for a true and divine religion never teaches bloodshed. Also never say Islamic extremists, say only ‘extremists’ or ‘fanatics’ or something else, please.

The Promised Prophet says: The crime of the Muslims of today is that they offended mankind with their sword and named it Jihad.

The Holy Quran confirms: 3.8: …. And none know its right interpretation except Allah and those who are firmly grounded in knowledge, they say, ‘We believe in it; the whole is from our Lord’. – And none take heed except those gifted with understanding.

Extremists often quote Qur’anic phrases such as ‘kill wherever you find them’ as justification for assassination and murder. Most enlightened scholars will testify that this verse only applies in cases where the enemy has first attacked Muslims and applies to those unbelievers and enemies who break their oaths and agreements and use violence towards destroying peace of a community. It does not apply to unprovoked conflict.

Let me present the complete verse of the Holy Quran that is often mentioned to malign Islam is this: (9:5) And when the forbidden months have passed, kill the idolaters wherever you find them and take them prisoners, and beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent and observe Prayer and pay the Zakat, then leave their way free. Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.

This verse from chapter 9 verse 5, is often used as evidence that Islam allows killing of non-Muslims, but what is not recognized is the context and history behind these verses. The history of this verse is that when Prophet Muhammad (saw) began preaching the unity of God he was persecuted for 13 years, much as Prophets Abraham and Jesus were. Since Muslims who are being persecuted are encouraged to leave for safer areas, rather than create disorder, Muhammad [sa] and his followers migrated to Medina. After they left, the Meccans attacked them in Medina on and off for a period of nine years until Chapter 9 was revealed.

Looking at the context of the verses, it becomes obvious that the commandment of this verse only relates to those tribes who continued hostilities against the Muslims even after they had migrated. In particular, reference is made to 5 tribes of that age: Banu Khuza’ah, Banu Mudlij, Banu Bakr, Banu Damrah, and Banu Sulaiim because they did not honor the peace treaties they made with Muslims. It is also important to remember that the preceding verses give these people respite for 4 months to reconsider their behavior and cease hostilities. Sadly after 4 months passed, the enemies of Islam continued their hostilities against the Muslims. Only then was Prophet Muhammad (saw) commanded by God to meet them in battle to defend Muslims and the religion of Islam.

Even in this situation the Quran states that if the enemies repent of their behavior and promise to fulfill their treaties, it becomes incumbent on Muslims to cease military action and forgive them. Unfortunately those who take this specific verse out of context fail to see that as the title Al-Taubah suggests, the main subject matter of the chapter is forgiveness and repentance.

Let me put down the complete verse from the Holy Quran:

[2:191-193] And fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but do not transgress. Surely, Allah loves not the transgressors. And kill these transgressors wherever you meet them and drive them out from where they have driven you out; for persecution is worse than killing. And fight them not in, and near, the Sacred Mosque until they fight you therein. But if they fight you, then fight them: such is the requital for the disbelievers. But if they desist, then surely Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.

See the term: ‘and drive them out from where they have driven you out;

“The greatest sins are to associate something with God and to kill human beings.” …a clear ruling forbidding the killing of innocents is provided in the tradition of the Prophet (saw)

Muslims are forbidden from cheating the enemy and from damaging public buildings and crops. They are to avoid striking terror into the general population … exactly this is what the Muslims of today are doing! What absolute disobedience!

Allah says: …and cast not yourselves into ruin with your own hands… (Chapter 2: Verse 196)

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah says:

Whosoever killed a person …it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; ... (Ch.5:V.33)

The trademark rationale of the religious leaders is undoubtedly to mix political imperatives with theological arguments. The believers are suffering because they have deviated from the laws of God. To end their suffering, they have to conform back to God’s laws. The challenge for the Muslims is to determine who truly articulates God’s law.

Henceforth, the Muslim world faces unprecedented political threats and ideological challenges from within and out. Extremists have grabbed the international limelight through their repeated acts of barbarism in the name of Allah, The God – The Almighty and Our Savior and Master, Prophet Mohammad (saw). They exploit the deeply felt religious beliefs and political grievances of the masses and have succeeded in setting a wrong picture of Islam before the world.

Muslims hang their heads in shame and their souls cry out over today’s religious leaders who preach violence in the name of The Great Prophet Mohammad Mustafa (saw), the Saviour and Master of Muslims and all Mankind.

These are the questions we should all think seriously about. Muslims should consider the attitude of these ulema, because suppression, torture, execution, arson and the razing of mosques are NOT the Prophet’s (saw) tradition.

Real Islam is already discussed above in detail and also we have seen how Quran is only the word of God promoting peace. Please go back and check how real Islam emphasizes peace at all costs in all the levels of society. Islam (undeniably) provides the most comprehensive code of life. It claims to provide the answer to man’s every need – There’s definitely no doubt about this.

The right way:

For any statement you hear about religion: First look for it in the Book of Allah (Quran).

And if you are not able to find the answer there, seek it in the example of the Prophet (Hadith).

And if you still lack an answer then call the lord for help. You might also exercise your own judgment based on the concepts of Islam, Quran & Hadees – That is the right way.

Do not blindly follow what someone else has said… because, you know ‘on the Day of Judgment’ you will be held responsible for your deeds, not some Mullah or your king or your father or mother or your group of friends or your people. Listen to these Mullahs & you’ll not only destroy your current life, but also hereafter… you have the power to decide.

‘O company of jinn and men! Did not Messengers come to you from among yourselves who related to you My Signs and who warned you of the meeting of this your day?’ (Ch6:V131)

‘…If an unrighteous person brings you any news, ascertain the correctness of the report fully…’ (al-Hujurat 49:7)


I want all Muslims to study the Quran. If you do not understand Arabic then for you is the translated version:



It is thus proved that the popular concept of Jihad prevalent among the Muslims of today is totally erroneous designed by the short-sighted clerics. Islam, on the contrary, does not allow the use of the sword in religion except in the case of defense or wars that are waged to punish a tyrant, or those which are meant to uphold freedom. The need of a defensive war arises only when the aggression of an adversary threatens one’s life. Except for these kinds of Jihad permitted by the Shari‘ah (Islamic Law) no other kind of war is allowed by Islam in support of religion. (Masıh Hindustan Mein, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 15, pp.4-5, 1908)


Jihad in Islam

Jihad in Islam Ahmadiyyat Jihad in Islam Ahmadiyyat Jihad in Islam Ahmadiyyat Jihad in Islam Ahmadiyyat Jihad in Islam Ahmadiyyat 6

Always Remember:
ISLAM is PEACE: ALLAH is As-Salaam (peace personified) — Muhammad is Al-Ameen (Peaceful) — MUSLIM who promotes peace — Greeting is AssalamAlaykum (peace be upon you) — Mecca is Balad-ul-Ameen (a city of peace) — Angel Gabriel Rooh-ul-Ameen (Angel of peace) — And say:

‘It is the truth from your Lord. Wherefore let him who will, believe, and let him who will, disbelieve.’ (Ch.18: v.30)

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