Myths & Facts: Israel-Palestine conflict and the Ahmadiyya



In 1948, the issue of the division of Palestine was under discussion in the Security Council. At the wishes of Arabs, The 2nd Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmood instructed Respected Chaudry Mohammad Zafarullah Khan who was the then Foreign Secretary for Pakistan to stay in USA to present the Palestine case.

On October 7, 1947 he delivered a powerful speech in favour of the Palestinian Arabs and against the establishment of Israel to the Committee of the United Nations Assembly. The Arab delegations thanked His Holiness by sending a telegram and wrote, “We have been greatly relieved. We hope that this will immensely support our demands.”


In the next day’s issue of the top Indian daily, the Statesman, wrote editorially:

“For the first time the voice of Pakistan was heard in the United Nations. It was a telling speech which tore into shreds the pleas put forward by advocates of the partition. Ch Zafrulla Khan did not merely indulge in rhetoric, when he described the plan “a physical and geographical monstrosity”, but he proceeded to prove this by his unassailable arguments.

Answering a question that great many displaced jews be allowed to go Palestine. He posed the counter question: 

would USA agree to take in five million displaced persons of Panjab if they wish to enter USA and settle there.

In May 1948, Ch Zafrullah Khan told the British Foreign Minister Ernst Bevan, that Pakistan would NEVER recognize the state of Israel. This caused stir in the international media specially in New York, where everybody was trying to find out who Zafrullah Khan is.

He met Gamal Nasser of Egypt and later someone told him that Ch Zafrullah Khan is a non Muslim, he immediately said if he is one, I would like to be a non Muslim like him.

Letter to Sir Zafarullah Khan from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia:

Letter to Sir Zafarullah Khan from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

Letter to Sir Zafarullah Khan from King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

In another address on 9th December 1947 at the Government College, Lahore, it was reported… read more at

Ahmadiyya mosque Kababir, Haifa

Ahmadiyya mosque Kababir, Haifa

Roughly 21% of Israel’s more than eight million citizens are Arabs. The vast majority of the Israeli Arabs – 81% – are Muslims which includes Ahmadis.

Kababir a mixed neighborhood in Haifa is the home of Israel’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community with a significant minority of Jews in addition to the Ahmadiyya majority. Most of the two thousand Ahmadis live in this residential area of Haifa which began as a village in 1850 by members of the Ouda family, This puts Ahmadi Muslims in Palestine even before the creation of Israel and that same Mission has continued there to serve those Muslims and to propagate Islam.

Palestinian Ahmadis – 1936

Palestinian Ahmadis – 1936

Read more:

Palestine Committee hears statement by PAKISTAN Representative- Sir ZAFRULLAH KHAN 7 October 1947

The Palestinian Question – Sir ZAFRULLAH KHAN (Pakistan) 28 November 1947

5 replies

  1. What on earth is this article meant to prove? The Ahmadis can only trace their presence in Israel to 1805, whereas the Jews were there long before 70 AD when the Romans, not only conquered them, but sought to annihilate them and drove millions into the diaspora. To show their utter disdain of the Jews, the Romans barred any remnant from their cities while giving their land to their archenemies, the Philistines. Later, the area would be renamed ‘Palestina’.
    History should always be complete instead of being selective. When the Ahmadis got there, they met Jews who had been there for millennia.
    If the Ahmadis are tired of living where they are, the way is wide open for their return to Pakistan.

  2. The Muslim Times does not support the military struggle of Hamas or any Palestinian organization. That has been a losing strategy for the last 60 years and because of terrorism, has often been even immoral.

    The only recourse to justice, in this age of information, will have to be non-violent, which succeeded for Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Failing which more and more Palestinians should seek refuge in USA and Europe.

  3. The article is less directed at Israel and more of a response to non Ahmadi Muslims, some of whom continue to allege that Ahmadis are agents if not a creation of Israel – as part of an effort to divide Muslims. The article is not an argument for or against who was historically the first to inhabit the land. At that time, just prior to the creation of the state of Israel, there was debate in the UN about the wisdom of transplanting a large population of Jews residing externally into the midst of established majority Arab communities against their (the majority Arab) will. The position taken by Sir Zafrullah Khan was that such a decision was unwise in its potential for creating conflict, and immoral as a precedent for future forcible mass migration upon established communities by other claimants of historical connections to land.


  4. Question arises what happened to the Jews and others living there (Palestine) after the advent of Islam? Surely most would have converted to Islam and started adapting to Islamic ways and learnt to speak Arabic. So the Majority of the inhabitants living for centuries in Palestine up to 1947/8 were Muslim Palestinians. Jews had mostly migrated to Europe well before the Islamic era either voluntarily or expelled by the Romans or the Egyptians when they were there. By importing the Jews from Europe and Russia to Palestine against the wishes of the population living there for centuries caused all the problems predicted by Sir Zafrullah. America, Europe and Russia are responsible for this fiasco. American help and support has made Israel a powerful demon in that Region and the World at large. Whoever says Jews were there for many millennia is not true, as said earlier after the advent of Islam most of the population converted or accepted Islam and lived in tranquillity until the Jewish Exodus.

  5. Look at the location of Israel. There were a certain people there long before Jews OR Arabs. Perhaps they should organize themselves and take their land back.

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