Pakistan: A Call to protect the life of a converted Ahmadi & his family


June 11, 2014

Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-086-2014

11 June 2014
PAKISTAN: A Call to protect the life of a converted Ahmadi and his family under constant threat from religious extremists in Pakistan

ISSUES: Freedom of expression; freedom of thought; freedom of religion; blasphemy; right to life

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a Muslim national from the Shia community in Pakistan, the second largest sect of Islam, who has by his own choice, converted from Islam to Ahmadi religion is now facing threats to his life.

The AHRC has also learnt that family members have kidnapped his wife and his child as punishment for adopting a religion of his choosing other than Islam. The community where he resides has declared him an infidel and has deemed that he is to be killed by the community due to his religious beliefs.

The AHRC has also received information that a nephew of the person has filed a First Information Report with the Police, accusing him of spreading hate against Muslims and for preaching Ahmedi ideology and religion in the community. According to reports the police have, in turn filed a criminal case against this person for instigating a sectarian violence. He is hiding in different cities as his name and photos have been sent to different religious groups that a Muslim has adopted Ahmadi religion which is against the basis of Islam.

The AHRC noted with concern, the persecution of Ahmadi’s by religious fundamentalists in Pakistan, which has to date continued unabated and they have viewed conversions into the Ahmadi sect as one of the biggest crimes against Islamic principles.


According to the information received by the AHRC, Mr. Sharafat Din, 35 years of age, the son of Ahmed Mir and a resident of …continue reading at

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  1. There r many sect each sects have own ideology those sect are out of my mental approach I want go select such way that help me or lead me in appropriate way me have no any condition

  2. My name is sardarali professionaly psychologist get 1 years training as psychologist from institute of psychiatri rawalpindi pakistan after great research me find no appropriate way that give good way I want to choices such sect that give good way of life and make me religious strong ok

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