Interfaith Evening Organised by Muslim Women, in London

London, 10th June (Ch.Maqbool Ahmad): On Saturday 10th May 2014, an interfaith evening entitled “How do we know God loves us?” was organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim women’s association, London region.


Councillor Maxi Martin

Councillor Maxi Martin

More than 40 people toured the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden which is the largest Mosque in Western Europe. The guests included VIPs such as Councillor Maxi Martin; Cabinet Minister for children’s services in LB Merton, Councillor Sheila Boswell; Labour Education Speaker.


Sheila Boswell

The evening started with the recitation of the Holy Quran in Arabic with translation in English. The introduction of the community was read out by Mrs. Myra Farooq who is the London Regional Information and Community relations Representative. She said:

The word Islam means peace. And this great religion follows the directive from the Almighty God which was given to mankind through the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Where the fundamental teachings based on the Holy Quran and the practice of the holy prophet (pbuh) are to create peace and harmony in the society. In their efforts to project the true image of Islam and to remove the misunderstandings regarding its teachings, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community have been working tirelessly in every region of the world. There are unfortunately some so-called Muslims who present a completely misconstrued picture of Islam and it is upon us Ahmadi Muslims to tell the world that the act of terrorism and barbarism have nothing to do with Islam. Whether it is about the abduction of 200 innocent girls in Nigeria or bombings in Boston, or the cold blooded murder of a British soldier on the streets of London or any other similar act of barbarism!

We Ahmadi Muslims tell the world that these cruel acts have nothing to do with Islam. Terrorism has no religion. It would be unfair to call someone a Muslim terrorist, a Jew terrorist or a Christian terrorist… they are all the same. If they commit an act of terrorism, they are simply terrorists.

She also added that this particular event is organised by Lajna Imaillah (literally means ‘maid servants of Allah’ which  is an auxiliary, non-political and religious organisation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Lajna Imaillah takes responsibility of all women above the age of 15 for their moral and spiritual training and maintaining a high quality of unity and discipline. Our motto is “no nation can progress without educating their women”.

Lajna Flag

Lajna Flag

The VIP guests also enlightened us on the subject through their views. The guest speakers were from the Christian, Sikh and Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

The Christian representative, Ms. Charlotte Allan explained how God out of His utmost love sacrificed His only son for the sins of mankind and from her opinion is a major sign of love from God.

The Sikh representative, Ms. Japinder Kaur Khalsafrom the City Sikh Network, UK described that the love of God is all around us, despite all the evils in the world, we experience His love every day, in the form of a mother’s love, to a beautiful melodious voice.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim representative, Mrs FarzanaYousuf also clarified that the love of God is all around us; in fact God Himself is within us as He says in the Holy Quran that “We are nearer to him than even his jugular vein.” (Qaf Chapter 50 : Verse 17).

After the speeches, a discussion workshop took place on a question forwarded beforehand by each faith representative, the questions were as following:

From Christian representative:  How is it possible to be sure that God loves us?

From Sikh representative: Why is it important to remember God? &How can we remember God in our lives?

From Ahmadiyya Muslim representative: What is the best path to the love of God?

The workshop was a hit, as many guests had the chance to say their views and opinions.

After the workshop, there was a question and answer session which was chaired by Mrs. MahaDabboos, head of MTA3 – Arabic satellite channel.

Most questions posed were regarding the difference between the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and other sects in Islam. The closing address of the evening was given out by Mrs. Bushra Abdullah, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association, London Region thanking all the guests and summarising the highlights of the evening followed by gift presentation & silent prayer. The evening wrapped up with vegetarian or non-vegetarian option on dinner.

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  1. This is amazing…mashallah. Women auxiliary organisation really does so much work that is pretty impressive in many ways.

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