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  1. Excellent specially after this new innocent killing. Let us see how long God will make us weep more.

  2. It is all right to cry seeking Allah’s help but never give up. Pray, pray and continue to pray even for your so called enemies that they may be guided by our Creator towards truth in this world. But they will certainly be questioned what they did in this world.
    What a beautiful message and assurance:

    “Do gharhee sabar se kam lo sathio” the day of victory for truth is getting nearer! insha Allah.

  3. Masha Allah wonderful depiction of what every Ahmadi Muslim feels right now. Pray, pray & pray. Allah has His ways to take His enemies to task, Insha Allah.

  4. What a beautiful poem… Very touchy words..heart is crying through eyes … Everyone is mourning this shahadat. Ya Allah answer our prayers…. Ya Allah give us the strength to handle this pain. Amin

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