Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Demands Apology from Shankar Singh Waghela

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Source: Press Release

It is reported in some section of the media that Mr. Shankar Singh Vaghela, Chief of Opposition Party in Gujarat has alleged that RSS is using Qadiani community to transfer funds to Indian Mujahideen.  Some opponents of Ahmadiyya Muslims call Ahmadies as Qadianies due to their hatred towards this community. We strongly denounce the accusations of Mr. Vaghela, if the same was intended to be against us. 

Ahmadiyya Jama’at is a Religious and Spiritual organization.  It doesn’t have any relationship with any of the Political Parties, leave alone the terrorist Organizations.  Whole world has accepted that ours is a peace loving community, our motto being “Love For All, Hatred For None”.  So far, no body has pointed a finger against our community that it supports terrorism.  Ahmadiyya Jama’at is relentlessly promoting peace and harmony amongst different communities and fighting against terrorism.  They are themselves being targeted for terrorist acts by fanatic Muslims in Pakistan, Indonesia and other parts of the world.  Hundreds of Ahmadi Muslims have lost their lives due to terrorism and target killing due to their faith.

Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmed, the world wide head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has written letters to many important leaders of the world about the importance of freedom, human rights, equality, mutual respect etc. and to protect peace and harmony amongst the nations to prevent the possible third world war.  He has also addressed the British Parliament, American Capital Hill, European Parliament in Belgium etc. urging for maintaining peace in the world.

Under the circumstances, therefore, we, the Ahmadiyya Muslims call upon Mr. Shankar Singh Waghela to provide concrete proof for this wild allegation against the community.  Otherwise, we demand, that he withdraw his irresponsible allegation and tender apologies to the peace loving Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

For further information, contact: Syed Bashiruddin Mehmood Ahmad, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Shimoga

Ahmadiyya Masjid, Near New Bridge, Savai Palya Shimoga

email: info.amjsmg@gmail.com

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29 replies

  1. “Demand”? I thought we never demand. We only identify for people their responsibilities.

    And what is the reference for the statement? And what is the source of this material? Is this and official press release?

    Not saying none of this happened. But if it happened and this is our response then all references should be given.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum Brothers, The person who made the charges against the Jamaat is not a small person he was a Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat, a Union Minister and currently the leader of opposition in Gujarat.

    For Petty politics he has Jeopordized the lives of lakhs of Ahmadis in India. A very large number of National and Regional papers have in many languages have now put this allegation that our Jamaat is involved in anti-National activities.

    Here is the video you wanted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbBc7tMJsT4

  3. Every able body Ahmadi person must write to the Indian government as well as Gujarat Media to call this minister to task on this allegation. If high govt, officials are allowed to get away by making such baseless accusations, then what can be said of the common people. Ignorance generates violence especially in countries such as ours, and does this Minister not realize that creating religious friction among various sects will hurt the very people he wants to lead..

  4. This guy is either just waking up or has no knowledge what kind if comments he should be making as a politician
    When power hungry politicians loose their mind this is how they come up with nonsense statements
    As a politician he should be ashamed to involve innocent peoples life and danger such a peace loving Comunity who is being praised all over the world from all corners of the earth for spreading the true and clean message of Islam
    No wonder Vaghle is loosing to person like Modi for last three terms He Deserved to be in Opposition

  5. Mr S.S Vaghela a political leader,making such a baseless statment. Plese come and see what Ahmadies are how we are being tourtured,and see what ahamadies are doing worldwide.People like you will never understand.I personally think that you dont even know what you have said.Please applogise before God Almighty.We will pray for you and thats what we have been doing.
    And I personally dont understand when Mr Vaghela says Rss using ahamadies to transfer funds to IM.

  6. I agree with all you who have commented , Mr Shankar Singh Vaghela , Has no knowledge of what Ahmadiyya Jama’at’s principles are and what Islam Ahmadiyya is . I Appeal Mr Vaghela to study what Ahmadiyyat is and then pass the comments , just for your political lust don’t Jeopordized the lives of lakhs of Ahmadis in India

  7. Asking for apology in writing to media needs a reference of published statement in news paper or any other written source. Only you tube does not suffice to raise the issue in writing. Is there any one who can provide such reference.

  8. Mr Shahid Basruddin. I got recorded my comment at the end of the you tube. To me maximum should post the comments there also. Similarly after following the Jamaat procedure it will be very much appropriate to challenge his comments in the court if he does not apologise.

  9. This could even be the case that Muslim group who are active in political system are brain washing. We dont have proof.

    As Zubair said we need to watch out for any print media or paper clip.

    Also dont forget that the assebly elections are around amd considering jalsa in December and if huzur wants to visit then we need to take this action swiftly.

    Secondly jamat through could also make an effort to visit and clarify.

  10. Assalaam Alaikum ww.
    He commented on RSS, BJP and dragged Ahmedis to his comment for his political ambitions in the coming general elections 2014. Before commenting on Mr. Vaghela I just want to give u guys a Brief history of Mr. Vaghela. Before Joining Congress Party in 1999 he was an active member of RSS. From 1977 to 1991 he held many post in Gujarat State BJP party. During this period he was state vice-president then general secretary then finally President of Gujarat State BJP. After this period he rebelled BJP then created his own party later joined Congress.

    Now come to his comment, this comment came in the wake of BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Mr. Narendra Modi’s rising stature in Indian Politics. He just want to sensationlise the issue and gain sympathy from other Muslim groups to polarize the voting pattern. We can say that he has no knowledge about Jamaat but his serious allegations are not a simple issue. We have to do something strongly but in a proper Jamaati Procedure.

    Ashraf Khan – Bangalore (India)

  11. I agree with you Bashrat saheb , its purely a political gamic as congress is loosing hopes against Modi in north India, if someone Opposes Ahmadis , they Assume that all Muslims stand with them hence giving such statements like Vaghela , political people want Muslim votes , these Indian politicians can go to any extreme to straighten their Owl

  12. Thanks for providing the reference. To me it is a very serious allegation and needs urgent remidal measure. In my cpacity as member of AMJ I have faxed the refrence to Khalifatul Masih (Be Allah his supporter) However best would be India Jamaat should immediately fax all the documentary evident to Hazure Aqdas (Be Allah His supporter) and get his guidance. In the past two such incidents occured and in both cases anti ahmadiyya statements were taken back and apology was printed. In case India Jamaat has already asked the advice of Khalifatul Masieh (Be Allah his supporter) then it is ok.

  13. I request all to protest the allegation by posting the comment at the YouTube,and all e.news pappers a little effort may contribute a lot Jazakallah,

  14. It is indeed regrettable that for cheap publicity and perhaps at the behest of certain Anti-Ahmadee groups, Vaghela has tried to bracket the Ahmadiyya community with RSS and IM. Apart from calling a Press Conference to clear the air of suspicion that might have been created in the wake of such statements, we need to write to each individual newspapers and ensure that these do get publicized by way of our rebuttal. Needless to say that there are some mischievous elements trying to paint our community in the blackest hue, and Vaghela has unfortunately come handy for such a dirty game. We need to raise our voice and vehemently protest against such attempts to malign the Community.

  15. If Mr. Vaghela is an honest politician, he is bound to substantiate his accusation against the peace-loving Ahmadiyya Muslim community with solid evidents.As a leader of a party he should have been more careful, when making such statement against an international organization which is renowned for humanitarian activities worldwide through Humanity First. If he has done this with the influence of some Muslim organization, they have made him a cheat not a Leader. He will have to pay a heavy price for his this type of nonsensical utterance which he has made made for a political mileage. Ahmadiyya community does not have the habit of going to peoples’ court, they appeal only to God’s court, verdict of which they believe will be final and severe. Mr. Vaghela! beware of God’s wrath. fb/abdul hameed bahar, Kannur, Kerala

  16. After reading the article in Indian Express I have no doubt that this person may be a politician but he is totally ignorant person. He has no knowledge about Jama’at Ahmadiyya and its peaceful activities around the world and all the charity work carried out by ahmadis in India and in other parts of the world. He doesn’t even know that Ahmadis have always preached and practiced peace and have been the victims of terror attacks and atrocities carried by fanatics. By using the word “Qadiani” not only he has proven his ignorance but also shown that he is influenced by some fanatic persons or organisations.

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