Was Muhammad ﷺ A Lustful Womaniser?

Source: zainullabiddin.com

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) had to face many hardships during his lifetime.

One aspect of all the different things that he had to face was the allegations raised against him by those who did not believe that he was a true Prophet sent by God. One of the vilest attacks on the character of the Prophet (saw) was that he was a lustful womaniser!

And that He was always looking for every chance to get a woman, to put it crudely. That’s what being said about him (saw) by very educated people including priests themselves who have over 20 years of education behind them, yet they stooped to this level to try and demonise the Prophet of Islam (saw).

It’s very difficult for believers of the Prophet (saw) to hear such horrifying things being said about this immaculate person. In reality he was totally innocent. He was not anything like what they attribute to him. It comes as a terrible shock and people who do not believe in the Prophet (saw) fall short to understand him.

He was the one who freed all the slaves.

He was the one who shared all the belongings with the poor, he was the one who returned baby birds to their nests just so that their mothers could be calm and tranquil again.

He was the one who chose to carefully cut the sleeve of his coat because a sick cat had decided to sleep on it and rather than wake it up and scare it away, he cut off the sleeve and walked off without a sleeve.

Now when we hear that somebody like that is being called a lustful womaniser, it comes as a very big shock.

Hence we have to analyse these heartful claims, these horrifying claims and proceed to critically examine, without any emotion, the historical records of Islam. By historical records, first of all, is the Qur’an itself because it does have some historical records in it, then the Ahadith, and also the Seeras (biographies) which have been written about the Holy Prophet (saw) in the early history of Islam. Using these we can arrive at the truth to be able to show to everybody that the Prophet (saw) is innocent of all those terrible allegations… continue reading at zainullabiddin.com

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  1. Now you know what it is like to be misrepresented and to be misjudged. I hope you savour the occasion.

    I have found that you are quick to look back in history you people and undermine other peoples faith.

    Its because you are so defensive about aspects of your own religion. You have to read what the Shittes have to say about the early days of your religion to know about the palace intrigues and the wives of Muhommad to know you have your hands full.

    No wonder you are sensitive. I hope you do some healthy bit of introspection and be in a state of denial. Admit like Pope Francis I am a sinner. When you acknowledge the truth and not cover up and hide the truth away. Then you will be able to go forward.

    Otherwise you will face a religion with multiple divisions and sects.

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