Obama has ended up in a better place on Syria

Story Summary

By Fareed Zakaria
The Daily Star

Whatever the twisted path, whether by design or accident, the Obama administration has ended up in a better place on Syria than looked possible even days ago. The president was wise to take up and begin to test the Russian offer to remove and possibly destroy Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons.

The third is simply to underscore and enforce an international norm against the use of chemical weapons.

So, Obama’s aim is solely to affirm an international norm.

The Obama administration is right to carefully and thoroughly pursue the diplomatic path – even though it will be difficult. While Syria and Russia are doing so as a way to avert an attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin might also be happy to see Assad’s weapons locked up or destroyed.

The negotiations do buy time for Syria, but also for the Obama administration.

Read more: http://dailystar.com.lb/Opinion/Commentary/2013/Sep-14/231222-obama-has-ended-up-in-a-better-place-on-syria.ashx#ixzz2f2c82JnM
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

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  1. Obama has ended up in a better place on Syria???

    In fact Obama has egg on his face.

    Putin has saved the world from a possible catastrophe. Putin should be awarded Nobel Peace prize. It will help in the recovery of some credibility of the body that awards the prize after its incomprehensible decision to award the prize to Obama.

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