Al-Ahsa’s good Samaritan

Published — Sunday 8 September 2013

A number of poor families in Al-Ahsa received a welcome surprise recently when they discovered that an anonymous do-gooder had paid their grocery debts at their local stores.

“I could not believe it when the owner of the baqala where I regularly buy groceries told me on Aug. 9, the day of the Eid celebrations, that all my unpaid bills, that have been accumulating since Ramadan, were paid by someone,” said Muhammad Salim, a Saudi pensioner.

Salim soon discovered that the philanthropist had settled the arrears of seven other poor families in his district.
“I wanted to thank this kindhearted man. I asked the Asian baqala worker for the man’s name and address, but he refused saying that the man who paid the money made him swear that he should not disclose anything about him,” Salim said.

Poor customers in other districts in nearby towns in the governorate also had their unpaid grocery bills paid by the philanthropist who preferred to remain anonymous, according to workers at a number of baqalas in the region.

“I know everything about the residents in this district because I’ve run this baqala for the past nine years. Many of the old customers buy on credit, which accumulates because they don’t have any work and are unable to pay. During Ramadan some owed over SR6,000,” a shopkeeper in the district said.


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  1. When I went to Hajj seven years ago with my family I had a grilled chicken lunch in a restaurant. When I wanted to pay my bill I was told that it had already been paid by someone. May Allah reward him greatly!

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