Jamia Ahmadiyya Vs Zaytuna College

Source: cultgirlahmadiyya.blogspot.in

non-Ahmadi commentator who is also a big fan of Sheikh Hamza Yusuf recently left the old chanda allegation – implying Ahmadi funding is unaccounted for. It occurred to us, the best way to answer this allegation would be to compare the way Ahmadiyya donations are spent to how his Sunni sheikh, Hamza Yusuf, spends the donations he receives.

Jamia Ahmadiyya UK runs a seven-year course for close to 200 students who are taught Arabic, Urdu, Hanafi fiqh, Islamic history, Quran, hadith and Ahmadiyya-specific studies etc. These students are given free accommodation. They are not charged for tuition or in any other way. However, according to Zaytuna’s tuition and accommodation fees, the teaching they receive is worth $140,000 ($20,000 in fees x seven years).
Further, adjusting Zaytuna’s running costs (over $4 million a year) for its 30 students, to Jamia’s 100-200 students would mean Jamia’s running costs are over $16 million per year! The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK has 28,000 active members who raise perhaps a little less than $20 million a year in all donations. So, if the Ahmadi’s college was run as… continue reading at cultgirlahmadiyya.blogspot.in

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