Who Was Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s Teacher?

Source: onislam.net

It is inevitable that anyone who seeks to learn the source of the Qur’an should expand the area of his investigation. If he cannot establish that source when he consider the insight and intelligence of the person who delivered the Qur’an, he should surely look for it, and will find it, inevitably, through education and study. A speaker either composes what he says or copies it from another source. Obviously there is no other alternative.

The man reciting and conveying the Qur’an to people was not someone who could himself consult books or encyclopedias. Even his enemies admitted that he grew up and lived without receiving any education. He was indeed unlettered. At no time did he ever learn to read a book or to write anything with his own hand. He must, then, have had a teacher who taught him all this information, not by writing but by reading the same to him. This is the logical conclusion at least.

We may well wonder who this teacher was. This is indeed the second point in our question about the Qur’an.

Did He Have a Local Teacher?

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The fact that Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) could not have had a teacher from among his illiterate people, who had natural literary gifts but no education. This is something everyone readily accepts. Perhaps no one needs to seek any further evidence beyond the fact that Muhammad’s people were generally called, ‘the illiterate’, an appellation indicating that they had no knowledge of religion or faith.

The period that preceded the advent of Islam in Arabia is described as Jahilliyah… continue reading at Source: onislam.net

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