New Zealand: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to explain Muslim religion at the Glen Innes Community Centre


How much do you know about Muslim culture and the Koran? The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is putting on a free exhibition in the Glen Innes Community Centre on August 24 in an effort to increase religious understanding.

The Koran will be on display in 45 languages including Maori, plus selected verses in 100 different languages.

This is a New Zealand first and following the one-day event organisers plan to hold similar exhibitions in other Auckland locations.

The community hopes to shed some light on the religion and challenge negative stereotypes, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community missionary Shafiq Ur Rehman says.

If more was known about the religion the number of incidents like the recent abuse of Muslim taxi driver Tariq Humayun in Invercargill would decline, he says.

The main misconception people have is that the Koran teaches violence, he says.

“There is nothing of that kind in the holy book. It teaches tolerance, harmony, mutual respect, freedom of faith and freedom of conscience,” he says.

“One country or a small minority who are going along the path of radicalism do not represent the true Islam, they are bringing a bad name to Islam.”

The information day will give people the opportunity to ask questions… continue reading at

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