Eid In Pakistan: Ahmadiyya Muslims Denied Eid Prayers in Rawalpindi


Offering Eid prayers: Not a given for everyone

Just a day before Eidul Fitr, the streets leading to Aiwan-e-Tawheed— the central place of worship of Ahmadis residing in Rawalpindi — in Satellite Town was once again filled with banners cautioning residents about ‘unconstitutional activities’ of members of the area’s Ahmadiyya community.

The banners were placed following an attempt by the worship place’s administration to get permission from the city administration for offering Eid prayers at their worship centre, which has been closed for two years.

Even though the city administration denied permission on the pretext of the move fomenting a ‘law and order situation’, it provided a local trader’s action committee — affiliated with the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz — with an opportunity to launch a fresh wave of hatred against the community.


5 replies

  1. May Allah protect all our brothers and sisters( Ahmadi Muslims) from the fitna of these ” padlock head” mullahs. And i dont know whether the city authorities understand the meaning of democracy.

  2. How could so-called Muslims celebrate Eid and be happy when they stopped the Ahmadiyah community from offering prayers.

    There is terrible warning for such believers, i.e. those who oppose and become enemies and they increase in their enmity…. that is exactly what is happening in Pakistan. There is no sensible person to tell them that it is all wrong, in the name of religion of peace i.e Islam.

  3. They claim to be “Real Muslims” but factually their actions are absolutely against the Teachings of Islam. Allah says to the believers in The Holy Qur’an that their enmity should not stop them to do justice. Allah, The Almighty, All Knowing, is watching all the time. We should only pray to Him for their consequences.

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