“No Muslim parking”

Source: Morocco World News:

Signs saying “no Muslim parking” placed near a mosque in Texas

By Youssef Sourgo

Last Thursday another similar incident of discrimination and hostility toward Muslims emerged. Lined along the street next to El Farouq Mosque in Houston, a number of signs read, “No Muslim parking in the Westview Shopping Center. Your car will be towed.”


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  1. I think the Muslims should all come along with their prayer mats and line up in the car park and pray for the narrow minded people who write signs like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Its so sad. I’m a Christian and I would get my friends with their rosary beads to come along and pray with you all, smile

  2. LOL! You Koran savage animals are too funny! This is not an official sign. You have to have an actual official sign endorsed by the city to make it legal and be allowed to post it in public.

    This is a fake little homemade sign created by some racist Muslim crybaby who wants to pretend he is being discriminated against. We go through this all the time. 94% of Muslim reported hate crimes are discovered to be set-up by Muslims themselves as a fake hate crimes.

  3. To find out the truth, Tim, then Muslims should park their cars there and see what happens….

    You sound like a person suffering from Islamic paranoia…

    I like and prefer Mike Wyatt’s response compared to your full of hate one.

    And our Rafiq sb. has truly solved the problem, in fact.

  4. Raziya, you sound like the typical Islamo-Nazi who are raping our children and women, beheading our civilians and scrounging on our welfare services while building mosques all over the place to teach more Islamonazi hatred.
    The endless arguments by Muslim like yourself is that any opposition to your pedo-Nazi prophet is ‘hate’ while your own savagery and evils has to be accepted. 5 million people around the world think of Muslims as the true source of hate, so good luck. The end of Islam in western countries is near.

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