Creating Peace: Children from Vaughan’s Ahmadiyya community Run for Vaughan event

Newmarket Era: It’s a few days before the sixth annual Run for Vaughan and a handful of young girls sit in a Maple home looking forward to the weekend.

The girls, ranging in age from seven to 14, are members of Vaughan’s Ahmadiyya community. They are also a big part of the reason the event is such a success each year.

They are but a few members of the community who give up their Sunday morning and afternoon to volunteer or participate in the event that is integral to raising money for a future hospital in Vaughan.

Fourteen-year-old Maleeha Khan looks forward to the event every year and, during the event, helps out in any way she can.

Run for Vaughan, which includes a 10-kilometre and 3-km run or walk, has so far raised more than $250,000 for the Vaughan Health Care Foundation.

More than a run and walk, the event has had an impact on the already tightly knit Muslim community.

“It helps bring us closer together, but this is helping us become involved with the outside community, not just the mosque. It’s been very good for that,” Maleeha said.


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  1. I just like wish

    Eid Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters in Islam Ahmadiyya all over the world. This eid may bring peace to the world.

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