A surprising map of where the world’s atheists live

Washington Post: Pope Francis’s pronouncement that God has “redeemed all of us … even the atheists”Wednesday surprised both believers and nonbelievers around the world, who are used to stricter edicts from the Catholic church. It also got us wondering where the world’s atheists live.

There’s surprisingly little data available on the subject. But a 2012 poll by WIN/Gallup International — an international polling firm that is not associated with the D.C.-based Gallup group — asked more than 50,000 people in 40 countries whether they considered themselves “religious,” “not religious” or “convinced atheist.” Overall, the poll concluded that roughly 13 percent of global respondents identified as atheists, more than double the percentage in the U.S.

The highest reported share of self-described atheists is in China: an astounding 47 percent. Faith has a complicated history in China. The state is deeply skeptical of organized religion, which it has long considered a threat to its authority.


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  1. China is not really that atheistic … in fact they have a religion but they just call it philosophy.

    God is called sky.

    They supplicate to sky but don’t call it prayer.

    So on and so forth …

    But yeah … you ask them if you believe in God and they say no.

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