Association Ahmadiyya : « Une vision moderne de l’islam »

A. S.-M. France-Guyane 06.02.2013.

Present in French Guyana since 2007, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association has opened a cultural center in Matoury. Imam Ahmad Siddique Sahib is there to “guide the Muslims of Guyana.”

             A small house half hidden behind blue tarps at the end of a path at the edge of the earth RN2 Matoury. This is where Ahmadiyya Muslim Cultural Centre opened its doors in late 2012. The place is small. In the main room, facing a small desk where a laptop is turned on, an image of Mecca dominates two prayer rugs. At the back of the room, a sofa and a coffee table. “The place is temporary, we seek a home in Cayenne,” said Ismael Bunting, president of the Ahmadiyya Guyana. Beside him, Imam Ahmad Siddique Misnawar. After ten years in Africa, he arrived in Guyana in December 2012 “to guide the organization and guide all Muslims of Guyana.” 

For Foto and other details (French.)

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