Videos: Understanding Reasons for Desecration of Ahmadiyya Muslim Graves: Rawal TV Canada


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  1. y didn’t the guest is unable to understand the questions everytime? 🙂

    I also couldnot understand the term “reaction/radd-e-amal” tried to explain by the guest here??

    Unfortunately, they can not condemn this shameful act openly , though they quote examples of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) that such behaviors and reactions have never been reported.

  2. in response to “jo fatwa jari krte hien un ulma ko ban kr dena chaie” he replied “maut ka faisla khuda k hath me he…” how this can be justified???

  3. Although the mulla did agree to participate in the program, he very carefully avoided direct quetions from the host.I think Allah has taken away the quality of honesty & ability to say the truth from these people!! Well done, Rubina & kudos to Rawal TV for the program & exposing their duplicity.

  4. As Hudhur (ATBA) has said without doing justice in the World in all of our matters; no matter what you say and ask, it will not help. Please adopt justice in your all acts and you will see the difference around you. Along with this we also should adopt this slogan
    Love for all hatred for none

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