British family to be deported from New Zealand because of brain tumour

The Telegraph :By Jonathan Pearlman in Sydney

A British couple and their three children are set to be deported from New Zealand because the father was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Paul and Sarah Crystal and their children, aged 7, 15 and 17, moved to New Zealand more than six years ago but their application for permanent residency was turned down because the government was concerned about his inability to work and the treatment cost.

Mr Crystal, from Evesham, who has been given a 20 per cent chance of surviving the next three years, said the family was now “stuck” between Britain and New Zealand. They cannot afford air travel back to Britain but cannot stay in New Zealand without access to welfare benefits, he said. “I don’t know how we’ll get by,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “I just have to get the family safe. I have to get them somewhere where they have a future and get them settled To come out and realise you’re left struggling on the other side of the world with nothing is a shock.”

Mr Crystal, 49, drove petrol tankers in Britain for 20 years and moved with his family to New Zealand to work for Caltex in February 2006. From 2009 he ran a painting business and a separate business installing amusement machines.


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