For Israel, Gaza Conflict Is Test for an Iran Confrontation

NY Times: WASHINGTON — The conflict that ended, for now, in a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel seemed like the latest episode in a periodic showdown. But there was a second, strategic agenda unfolding, according to American and Israeli officials: The exchange was something of a practice run for any future armed confrontation with Iran, featuring improved rockets that can reach Jerusalem and new antimissile systems to counter them.


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  1. To me it is very difficult to understand why the majority of the countries in U.N can not putup a strong resolution against a country called Israel who is barbaric in attitude & action . Action upping by force many lands of other countries and always showed its back to all UN resolutions.

    It is very important now that Israel must be stopped & controlled otherwise it will put world peace in danger .

    • The United Nations was created by the victors of World War II for their own benefit. Churchill is reported to have said that ‘with the Security Council as Permanent Members with a Veto Right we control the world’ and ‘let the other countries talk at the General Assembly, it will have no effect, but keep them happy’ (not exact words, I am writing from recollection). Therefore please note that a majority of UN countries have absolutely nothing to say. Real decisions are made in the Security Council and the USA has vetoed practically all resolutions only slightly critical of Israel.

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