UK doctors remove bullet from Pakistani Ahmadi shot in the eye: Report

The Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Xpress Tribune

Published: November 6, 2012

Doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in UK successfully removed a bullet from the nose of a 22-year-old Pakistani Ahmadi who was shot in the eye earlier during an ambush at his brother’s wedding, reported Daily Mail on Tuesday.

Leading ear, nose and throat consultant Shahzada Ahmed removed the  bullet from Ummad Farooq on Sunday using a Cyclops – a new instrument that enables surgeon to see better and carry out operations quicker. The one-hour long operation saved Farooq’s eyesight.

Thanking the doctor who performed the surgery, Farooq said that doctors in Pakistan had said that the surgery was too risky so he came to the UK for treatment. More

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4 replies

  1. May ALLAH protect all the believers in ALLAH SWT & Holy Prophet Mohammed MSAS as the last messanger of ALLAH from all perils.

  2. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Alhamdo lillah His eye sight is intact. May Allah grant him speedy and complete recovery and may He deal with wrong doers with heavy Hands.May Allah accept Farooq’s injury as sacrifice and be the source of many to recognize the truth and to accept it.
    Zarif Ahmad

  3. Congratulation to Dr Shazada Ahmed on a successful surgery, May Allah shower His Blessing and give more strength and capabilities to do better for needy people.
    Congratulation to Ummad Farooqi that he is safe and in good hand. Praying for his early recovery

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