Ummat News : دنیا بھر میں پانچ لاکھ افراد کو قادیانی بنانے کا دعوی

Source: Ummat News

Referred to by: Imran Jattala of Ahmadiyya Times (who are spoken about in the article)

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  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Al-hmado-lillah, We are grateful to Mr. Ahmad Najibzaday, although with full enmity he has given sufficient coverage to our 46th Jalsa Salana UK. In the words of Ghalib, “Laag ho tu hum usko samjhay Lagao…” The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said, “show respect to the respectable people of Nations” but this person has used uncivilized language to Ameerul-Momineen.
    The days are not far away when InshaAllah Pakistan will also be free from the clutches of Mullahs and Pakistan will be Ahmadiyya Muslim country. May Allah protect all Ahmadies and Pakistan from the sharrunnas. Aameen
    Zarif Ahmad

  2. Language speaks for itself. The writer used words including in brackets indicating his malice and low mentality which any reader will find very low and full of spite. Simply reading this no one will be attracted to him and his religion he is advocating by use of dirty and filthy language.

  3. If we see possitve aspect of the report at least it is fully explaining all the details which Ahmadiyya community achieved. Thanks to KT Shamim for this post

  4. Alhamdulillah!! and jazakAllah Ahmed Najeeb sahib for their detailed survey and report. Its indeed another positive sign for jama’at that non-ahmadis are so curious about the updates..

  5. Thanks to Ahmad Najib Zaday and KT Shamim for their role providing us this brief report. The intelligent readers can make out the truth from it. May Allah reward them for their respective intentions!

  6. It is evident from the report of this so called Newspaper that it is swallowing ” The truth ” of Ahmadiyyat and Islam with such bitterness.On the other hand, this might as well help some to find the truth.

    We had a successful blood Drive at the Capitol Hill Rayburn buliding on Monday Sept 11, and another one is scheduled on Thursday sept 13, 2012 from 9am-6pm.

    I know there are lot of good Muslims, be they Shias or Sunnis. We welcome them all as our brothers and sisters, with true love and sincerity. Love for All,Hatred for None.

  7. As an editor of Pak Newspaper, He gave a detailed news. As a non Ahmadi and an editor of a newspaper, he will use a style of his write up. Majority of the readership is non Ahmadi and people affected of mulla syndrome.

  8. And Jamaat did all that with the help of govt!!!
    Yeah Right that will be the day!!
    They don’t understand that the greatest Governor in the One who helps us Allaho Akbar!

  9. A N Zade is ignorant of the FACTS and like some other Pakistani jouronalists twisting and fabricating imaginary tales to fool the gullible pakistanis but people of knoledge are not fooled at all! Let me inform him that AHMADIS give their hard-earned money in CHARITY ie when our beloved Khalifa tul Masih V HADHRAT MIRZA MASROOR AHMAD ( May ALLAH help, protect & strengthen him ) opened THE TAHIR MOSQUE in London fife thousand pounds were donated to two local charities and the same amounts were donated at the OPENING OF AHMADIYYA MUSLIM MOSQUES in Birmingham and Manchester! The British News-papers high-lighted OUR GENEROSITY and appreciated it.The real FACT is that the PROGRESS OF AHMADIYYAT BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS has CREATED THE FIRE OF JEALOUSY IN THE HEARTS & MINDS OF OUR ENEMIES-ALL OTHER 72 sects of Non-Ahmadiyya Muslims, according to MUHAMMAD,SAW,burning in FIRE!!!!–WE AHMADIS HAVE NEVER BEGGED FROM ANY HUMAN BEING OR WESTERN GOVERNMENTS ANY MONEY LIKE OUR ENEMIES BUT WE PROSTRATE & BEG OUR ALLAH SUBHAN O TA ALA, WHO BLESSES OUR MEAGRE EFFORTS IN LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE-ALHAMDO LILAHW.–A frog croaking in a little pond can not AFFECT THE WORLD PRESS,indeed!-I think, we should not pay any attention to ” A N Z “-such frogs do not deserve any notice!!!-I feel that we should inform all people of REAL FACTS ABOUT AHMADIYYA MUSLIMS THAT AHMADIS CONTRIBUTE FROM THEIR OWN POCKETS ALL THE EXPENSES-NO AID HAS EVER BEEN RECEIVED FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE AT ALL!!!

  10. I never had the pleasure of seeing this periodical UMMAT till now. And when I saw the name AHMAD NAJIB ZADEH on UMMAT I thought I would read something on ISLAMIC UMMAH written by someone who would bear some semblance of AHMAD, our Lord and Master ( SAW ). I in my simplicity, also thought that the writer is named NAJIB ZDAEH , so I will read something of NAJABAT and SHARAFAT………….but that was not to be. It diverted my mind to the PROPHESY of Hazrat Muhammad ( SAW ) of the lateral days when ISLAM and The PRACTICES of THE SO CALLED MUSLIMS would only be in name and far from the truth !!

    I will point out ONLY TWO of several LIES ( and I say it as I witnessed THE JALSA myself )that ” OUR NAJIB ZADEH ” ( !? ) has resorted to in his feature under refernce :

    aa.Hazrat Khalifat ul Masieh said in his JALSA speech that AHMADIYYA TABLIGH MISSIONS achieved their SUCCESS mainly thru the HELP of SEVERAL FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS.

    bb. SCOTLAND YARD and LOCAL POLICE contingents provided SECURITY during THE JALSA.

    I encroached on your precious time just to tell you how shamlessly these so called ” NAJEEBS ” mislead THEIR UMMAH !!

  11. Sadly they are only after their own desires and self interpretation of religion. They do not see the bright sun shining . They have chosen to wander in the darkness. May Allah have mercy on them and guide them to the right path.Amen

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