It’s time for Israel to embrace all citizens, Arabs too


Where is Mandela when we need him? This is the time to leave the ghetto on the one hand, and the alienation on the other, and move toward a state that will embrace all of its sons.

Israel’s National Anthem, HaTikvah

Justice Salim Joubran raised a storm by refraining to sing the national anthem during the inauguration ceremony of Supreme Court President Asher Grunis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discreetly informed him that he did not expect him to have to sing it. And thus, through the whispered message from Netanyahu, 20 percent of the population were doomed to live without a national anthem. This is a scandal!

How is it possible to leave more than one million citizens without a national anthem? If not for the anthem, what was standing erect created for? Let’s just hope that Netanyahu will leave the Arabs with the flag, which, despite all the dizziness, has managed to remain with its head in the skies. Read more

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  1. … and not just the Arab citizens of Israel, but also the Arab citizens of the occupied territories.

    After all Israeli with its settlements is making the two state solution impossible. The only alternative is the one state solution with equal rights for all.

  2. Interesting. Because Israel has diplomatic ties with Egypt and Jordan and Turkey; and there are Arab Israelis who vote and run for office and have seats in the Knesset. They are full citizens with all the rights and privileges and protections that every citizen has in the State of Israel. When Israel went to war (oh, so many times) and conquered her enemies and land– they said all they wanted was for their enemies to acknowledge their right to exist and to live in peace. The “palestinians” (a name taken from Jewish History) refused and still refuse to acknowledge their right to exist. When Egypt and Israel agreed to peace, Sinai was returned to Egypt. They even left Gaza– and even when rockets were fired indiscriminately into Israel from Gaza and blew up the power plant that supplies Gaza with power, Israelis risked their lives to get power restored. Israel has treated their enemies in their hospitals. The PA allows children from Gaza to get medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. PA leaders and their families have been treated in Israeli hospitals. A PA leader was recently treated for cancer in an Israeli hospital in Haifa. He met and got to know children and their families who were receiving treatment there as well. He was so moved by this that he donated a large sum of money to the Israeli hospital for a room for children to play. Israeli volunteers drive ambulances to take PA children to the hospitals in Israel. Ambulances and medical teams of both Israeli and PA/Arab/Muslims work together to rescue and save lives and transport people to the hospitals regardless of who they are. Israel, Jerusalem in particular, has many religions with their various shrines and sacred sites. Israel preservers and protects the sites sacred to all religions. Unlike many Islamic countries, Israel does not charge non-Jewish religions a special tax. And land has been taken from Jewish people in Arab nations without any condemnation from decades. Christians and Jews are not treated equally in any Islamic country. If the “palestinains” (who YOU yourself described as “Arabs” – some of them are actually Jewish by blood, but were forced to convert to Islam under the Ottoman Empire and forced to alter their names from Jewish to Arab names). Israeli universities do not teach hatred of Muslims, Saudi Arabian universities teach hatred of Jews. Israeli Synagogues do not preach hatred of Muslims, many Imams and mosgues preach hatred of Jews and the “west”. Israeli mothers do not raise their children to kill Muslims. Too many “palestinian” mothers teach their children to be “martyrs” and murder Jews. Judaism does not teach that killing your enemies gives you huge rewards in heaven– Muslims in Islamic countries do. My Muslim/Persian friend here in America likes Jews- one of his Persian/Muslim artist friends went to Israel to share his art and have some of his works translated into Hebrew- he was welcomed and he decided to stay. My Muslim/Egyptian friend (now living in America) is a college educated woman who works as a writer by profession, wears makeup, glasses, and a Hijab– she also likes Jews. All of my Jewish friends like Muslims- their issue isn’t with Islam, it’s with the extremists who engage in terrorist acts and promote fear and hatred. When I look at my friends (and these are all people I love), and I know of Jewish and Arab communities that work side by side and share in their labors (and do not want a wall to separate them), I have hope. But as long as there are those who refuse to seek peace, but only death, and teach their children to hate and murder as a sign of their “faith”… it will be more of the same. Israel wouldn’t build barriers, they wouldn’t have heavily guarded checkpoints, if there was not this constant threat of attack against Israeli citizens– terrorists do not care if the people they kill are Arab/Muslims with Israeli citizenship or an 8 year old Jewish girl and her blind grandmother… You are saying that you want ISRAEL to accept Arabs- and I am telling you that to a meaningful degree, they do, and they prove it every day. But, will Arabs accept the Children of the Book? Will they accept Jews as their 1/2 brothers? Without the Children of the Book (aka Jews, Hebrews, Tribe of Judah), who preserved their ancient and sacred texts, what would Christians be without the Old Testament? How would they know Jesus when he came? And, would Muhammad have known who Abraham was? Would he even know or understand the concept of Only One God? I don’t know. I’m asking you. Whenever Israel would consult with the previous King of Jordan (perhaps the current King as well), he would tell Israel that she would have to take the high road and make the first gesture for peace talks. That stopped working a long time ago. If only– All of Israel & PA territories could be one government and live as one people, with many different religions. If only- there was no hatred, no jealousy, no malice, no alleged instruction from god to murder Jews and christians then there could be a two state solution. Do you know that when Israel declared its independence from the British governance of the territories, that the UN offered the Arabs the chance to have their own state too? They refused.

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