Alislam-eGazette publishes its landmark volume: Separation of Mosque-Church and State‏

Source: Alislam-eGazette — An International Publication of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which has more than 40,000 subscribers.

The volume has dozens of insightful articles and links, on the issue of Separation of Mosque-Church and State,‏ and has almost an Encyclopedic approach on this issue.

Read in Alislam

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  1. Human Rights or Bill of Rights to take precedence

    One key difference between USA constitution and many of the so called Muslim countries is as to what takes precedence, Bill of Rights or some understanding of a scripture? This is a key issue, which can make or break a nation!

    One could argue that Bill of Rights comes from God, the Quran or the Bible but for the purposes of constitution one has to set the order right, as different believers will have divergent understanding of their scriptures and it is impossible to come to common grounds.

    The constitutions of the Muslim countries give preference to the Quran over agreed upon human rights and freedoms. It may be soothing to some religious sensibilities and may suggest devotion to religion and God by the masses, but, in practice it does quite the opposite and throws the countries to dogs and power seeking Mullahs, who can use this to destroy law and order. The American constitution in putting religion second to Bill of Rights and introducing separation of Church and State was the historic achievement that made USA, what it is today!

    When would the Muslims understand that it is Divine prescription to put Bill or Rights first and not the other way around!

  2. Dear Dr. Shah, The issues that you point out are at the crux of how many Americans (and other westerners) perceive Islam in many Muslim nations. Not as a religion, per se, but as a political movement i.e. a despotic theocracy; the frequent call for a world-wide ‘Caliphate’, Hamas, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood etc. These “power seeking Mullahs” seemingly rule their fiefdoms by fiat (fatwahs) without regard for basic human rights and to solidify and consolidate their hold onto their positions of authority often at the expence of ‘un-believers’. Their people are held in thrall to the fatwahs and have little, or no, say in what is being declared as ‘Law’ or normality. These same Mullahs seem to have, in many cases, their own private militias, or armies if you will, to enforce the edicts. I am a supporter of your community because of the opinions I read here that decry such behavior and your support of peace, tolerence and understanding between all peoples. As I am still learning, I ask forbearance if I am mistaken about aspects of your faith and invite correction. Any mistakes I may make are not meant as demeaning or derogatory. Thank you.

  3. Dear Robert Adams

    You are perfectly right! More and more Muslims, who call themselves moderates and belong to other denominations of Islam, have to either join the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community or to begin to think like us, to come to terms with the realities of 21st century and our global village!

    If they do this they would not only be linking themselves with the present but also to the past, to the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, when he preached and practiced pluralism in Medina, in the 7th century.

    Thanks for your comment.

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