Ahmadiyya Mosque at Saidabad in Hyderabad attacked by Extremists

By Shahid Pervaiz, Bangalore

Ahmadiyya Mosque at Saidabad in Hyderabad was attacked and the worshipers were locked inside for more than 3 hrs, today.

Youm e Messiah-e-Moud was being celebrated today (Sunday being a public holiday) at many Mosques and Mission Houses around India.

At the Saidabad Mosque “Masjid ul Hamd” the Jalsa had started at 11am and by 2:30pm it was getting over. Few of the members were outside the gates in a bookstall organized by the Jamaat, selling books and distributing free literature.

Since morning many visitors had come and bought books and took literature along with them. Around 2:30PM Qaed Sahib Khuddamul Ahmadiyya instructed the book stall team to take book stall inside Masjid premise so that our Jamaat members could visit book stall. As soon as we took book stall inside, miscreants started gathering outside and soon turned into a mob and started hurling stones and shouting slogan against us. More people joined from nowhere, soon there was a mob of about 600+ protesters (trouble makers).

Mullahs started instigating and gave Naras (slogans) asking followers to defend Islam from Qadianis.

Soon the mob started pelting stones at the Mosque. Our members closed the gates from the inside. Inside the Mosque there were about 400+ members including women and children.

The glasses in the Mosque and of vehicles parked outside the mosques were damaged.

Police appeared at the scene, but were not able to disperse the crowd at that point of time and asked our members not to come out citing more tensions.

All the members were locked inside for 2-3 hrs until few political leaders of the local Muslim party went to the police station to lodge complaints against the Jamaat, these leaders were followed by the mob allowing the police to disperse the remaining crowd from around the mosque due to this our members could come out at about 5pm, unharmed.

About 150 policemen including (Rapid action force) turned up at the scene.

Most of the people who were a part of the Mob didn’t even know why they were there !! when asked by a couple of khuddams who went along with them, they said they were informed that Islam and the Honor of the Holy Prophet (saw) was under attack. They were all on their cell phones calling out others to join them.

Press Conferences were called by Sadr sb where we gave our statements in front of Print and TV Media.

A Mullah appeared on “Four TV” a local private channel that belonged to a Muslim Political party, at 10pm and gave reasons why the Mosque was attacked.

He told that on the 18th of Feb the local WAKF board had declared Ahmadis to be Non-Muslims, that they were assured by the Police that the “Kalima” would be removed from all our Mosques in the City. He warned that Folders, leaflets and other literature of the Jamaat must not contain any Islamic images and personalities like the images of Mecca, Medina and should not make any references to the Holy Prophet(saw) and Quran.

They (Ahmadis) can do Tablig but like how non-Muslims (Hindus and Christians) are doing i.e. without referring to anything Islamic. Out stalls must not contain any material related to the Holy Prophet (saw) or the Quran and we must not make any efforts to change the minds of general Muslim masses disguising as Muslims. Our Mosques must not be referred to a “Masjids.

It seems the police has assured them of the above and if Ahmadis continue to go against these then action will be taken !!

Posters and Banners have started turning up around many places in the city calling Ahmadis – NonMuslims.

It is very unfortunate that the largest Democracy in the world is allowing such attacks on the Freedom of Religion.

I request every reader to kindly remember the members of the Hyderabad Jamaat in your prayers.

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  1. Anti Ahmadiyya elites who is the mastermind behind every action opponents, began to panic with a variety of mission progress-Ahmadiyya propaganda which upholds human values​​.

    They, deep in their hearts, perhaps, half do not believe what was happening with the Ahmadiyya. By showing their hatred to Ahmadiyya, in fact, it is their recognition of the truth brought by the Ahmadiyya. Coy; affirmation.

    But, take it easy. The harder they fight against the Ahmadiyya, in fact, they are ready to be slaughtered like cattle, which in his neck has been drawn a sharp cleaver, he is increasingly hard to rebel and try to escape from the machete.

    Essentially, they’re opposed to ‘natural law’ which is increasingly siding with the Ahmadiyya.


  2. I, as a member of the AMJ most solemnly belief that:-

    Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat {AMJ} World Wide is a peace loving and peace promoting community.

    Unlike the Jihadi Mullas, Radical Clerics and Rhetoric Imams, AMJ accepts, believes and upholds 100% of the True Islamic Teachings; which like its nomenclature means ABSOLUTE PEACE.

    In the fervour of Islamic Teachings of Peaceful Co-Existence, the AMJ holds the Sovereign Republic of India, its Socialist Secular Democratic Constitution, Ethnic and Religious Harmony and Civic Values in high esteem.

    Many of the AMJ members living outside India have their basic ethnic roots in-there and many of their siblings, immediate and extended families dwell permanently in India. Therefore, events in India affect many of the AMJ members across the globe.

    In my opinion:-

    Some leaders of South-Eastern countries like Pakistan and Indonesia have unfortunately (already) fallen prey to the oppressive dominance of Mullas, who have snatched the Official Writ and Political Wisdom of the states as far as the relevance of Principles of Basic Human Rights, are concerned.

    Some media news and reports indicate that some factions of the Indian Society have started to march on the Mullas’ footprints – and various sad incidents are on the scene that some people of clergy-orientation are taking law in their hands and playing with it in sheer conflict with the Constitution of India and the Principles of Basic Human Rights.

    In the valued spirit of Indian Secular Democracy and paramount voice of humane conscious; and through this auspicious blog;
    I wish to request The Indian National and Provincial Governments to take audacious steps to restore the communal harmony AND to act in a timely way to restrain the malicious influence of Jihadi Mullas, Radical Clerics and Rhetoric Imams on the Indian Civil Social Order.

  3. May Allah guard every member of the Ahmadiyya community every where from the enemies of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Muslim mobs are misguided by illitrate mullahs. They need proper guidence and leadership.

  4. May Allah bless every ahmadi of Hyderabad and all over the world. We do pray for our ahmadi siblings…
    InshAllah Allah is with us!

      • Just to point out. Of course the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at welcomes all converts at all times with an open heart. Last year about 600’000 new members were registered. Some join by studying our books and articles, some join by watching Muslim Television Ahmadiyya, some join after discussions with our members. Some just feel that the Ahmadiyya interpretation of Islam is the logical choice. Some fortunate people are guided by true dreams. Interestingly every new member has a different ‘history’ to tell us. – But I have to mention one reason that does NOT apply to our new members. You cannot just join us because you think that way it might be easier to get asylum in a foreign country. The ‘intention’ needs to be the correct one. Anyway, the asylum authorities check carefully if you have a history of persecution. This needs to be well documented. And even then many REAL Ahmadi Muslims still are not able to apply for asylum any where. Just saying ….

  5. As our beloved Hazoor aba mentioned in his friday sermon current situation of Hyderabad is look alike pakistan,I would like to convey in Ranchi india also opponents of Jamaat trying to hurt Ahmadis. My dear Ahmadi brothers and sisters of hyderabad, pakistan and Ranchi India our Hazoor’s & whole Jamaat’s prayers are with you May Allah keep you all at peace and always be with you Aameen

  6. May Allah keep all ahmadis under his benign protection all the time,Ameen.Such cowardly and non-sense attitudes can not change the course to success for ahmadiyyat but surly pave the way for noble persons to join the ahmadiyya.proved fact for over 123 long years.

  7. O’ Opponents !! Remember your opposition will not be able to harm us. We are Divine community and are blessed with Divine Light and all your efforts to put off Divine Light will go vain. Allah the Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an:
    They desire to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths; but Allah will permit nothing except that He will perfect His light, though the disbelievers may dislike it. (9:32)
    “noore khuda hai kufr ke harkat pay khanda zan”
    “phoonkon say ye chirag bhujaya na jayaga”
    Ahmadiyyat will continue safe InshAllah.

  8. May allah increase our tolerance level,and help us walk on the foot steps of the righteous, May allah grant us the strength to stand firm no matter what bypass us insha allah.
    My dear ahmadi brothers and sisters insha allah time shall come when these Mullas shall witness the bond between Allah and Ahmadi muslims Ameen.
    Lets raise our hands together will all our strength for Dua and seek Allah’s protection.

  9. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarkatuhu

    A little rectification is needed in this article. I am Nazim Ishaat Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Hyderabad, the person incharge of the book stall. What actually happened was at around 2:30PM Qaed Sahab instructed us to take book stall inside Masjid premise so that our jamaati members could visit book stall. As soon as we took book stall inside.. miscreants started gathering outside and soon turned into a mob and started hurling stones and shouting slogan against us.

    Here I want to bring to your notice that there was no quarrel from us with anyone. They just gathered outside mosque and started there Violent actions.

    May Almighty Allah protect all Ahmadies Ameen.

    JazakAllah Khair

  10. “Rabbe kullo shain khadimoka rabbi fa hafizni wa nasurni wa rehemni”
    O my Lord, everything is under your control. O Lord, protect me, help me and have mercy on me (prayer of Masih Maud(a.s.) for protection from any harm)

  11. May Allah keep our Jama’at in India safe from these deaf, dumb and blind Mullahs!

    Do they even bother to at read our leaflets?

    And instead of having a civilized debate with our Khuddams (where they would not have a leg to stand on), they start their thuggery and it’s surprising that they even expect the Indian police to (like in Pakistan and elsewhere, so-called Islamic countries), obliterate the Kalima from our mosques!

    And has it ever occurred to any of these anti-Ahmadi ‘muslims’, that they never get ‘paid’ in kind by our Jama’at? That it NEVER behaves thuggishly despite the unbelievable and inhuman/inhumane treatment that it receives from the opposition.

    This applies to the respective govts., too, who aid and abate the behaviour of these crooks.

  12. Dear brothers & sisters,

    Asalam Alekom!

    Persecution and hate-related incidents are constantly reported from different parts of the world, and Ahmadi brothers & sisters have been always targeted by various religious groups.

    May Allah be with all of us and show our opponents right path Ameen Allah Huma Ameen!!!

    “Sitam garoon nay kaha mil kay yeh adalat main”



    Talha Bin Muneer

  13. A time comes on (our) people when Islam will be left merely in its name. Nothing of the Quran will remain except its letters. Their mosques will be full of people, yet will be empty of all righteousness. Their ulema (scholars) will be the worst creatures under the firmament of the heavens. From them will emerge discordance and to them shall it return.

    May Almighty AllahTala keep all the Ahmadis in his Hifz-O-Aman.InshAllah very soon the common man will understand the said hadees and will be obedient to prophet Mohammad (saws) rather than to these mullahs.

  14. I question the government of India how can they allow a so called ‘Wakf Board’ to determine the religion of a group of fellow citizens. Where is India’s great secular democracy which promises to protect the rights of all its citizens? How can India claim to champion the cause of freedom and democracy when a group of peaceful citizens is being persecuted by extremists within its own borders?

  15. Ahmadis are not worried about what they are facing but unfortunately such extremist Muslims are bringing bad name to Islam and inviting Allah’s wrath. May Allah bless speial mercy on Muslims all over the world. May all sensable Muslims follow teaching of The Holy Prophet(SAW).
    Ahmadis keep praying for Muslims all over the world for their protection against their enemies. At this moment and time these extrimist Mullah’s are the arch enemies of all muslims accross the world. May Allah bless Muslims with spirtual wisdom and enable them to reject such extrimist all together Ameen.

  16. One suggestion to Ahmadies of Hyderabad. By chance I happened to visit Hyderabad last October and attended one meeting also. In my humble opinion, there seems to be a need of better boldness and courage amongst Hyderabadi Ahamdies. As rightly pointed out by Mr Hibatur Rehman, WAKF Board has no authority to decide some body s religion. Neither exist any such law in India. it is a secular country. Non Ahamdies have a duty to oppose Ahamdiyyat. On small opposition or obstacle if Ahamdies will stop their activities no progress will come forward. Ahamdies never indulge in any violence or disobey the law of the country. However no where it is written that Ahmddies can not (with in legal frame work) strive for their religious rights. They should continue with their activities and should take the matter of their rights till top notches of the country. Inshallah Allah will shower His Blessings and Bounties on them. Victory is for Ahamdies and no one can snatch it.

  17. To Allah only we the Ahmadies complain and only He is the one that can help us. All these so called Muslims are insanely and wildly dishonest, illiterate and cruel.

  18. Their demands and strategies and demands are like them inhuman and irrational.
    They know they cannot defeat Ahmdies in dialogue and knowledge and truth. In fact they are no match to Ahmdies. Their reasoning’s and their principles on which they base religion and religious ethics are not Quran but wrong interpretations of the practice and words of the Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran.
    Whatever is the situation. Ironically they label all these characteristics on Ahamdies.

    Ay khaasa-e Khaasan-e-Rusul waqt-e-duaa hai

    It is time for earnest prayers on the Ahamdies around the world. May Allah enable all the Ahmadies to pray so hard until heavens took Mercy. And there follows an absolute revolution in favour of Allah’s chosen sect of Islam the Ahmadiyyah. Amen

  19. It is very unfortunate that these kind of incidents are taking roots in India, These 14th century Mullas are very frustrated with Jamat Successes. History reveals that when ever and where ever Ahmadies are mistreated, Allah had bestow abundant successes to Ahmadies and many truth souls are accepted the true Islam. I was a member of Hyderabad jamat,but lately I am staying in USA jAMAT of wisconsin chapter, My jamat local president is a cuban, when I see these brothers from various descents who accepted the true Islam, Its reminds me that ” I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth”. May Allah protect All jamat members world wide. Ameen.

  20. Ahamadiyyat is The True Islam ,,,,,May Allah keep all ahmadis under his benign protection all the time,Ameen.Such cowardly and non-sense attitudes can not change the course to success for ahmadiyyat but surly pave the way for noble persons to join the ahmadiyya.proved fact for long years.

  21. Actually Ahmadi-Muslims have to worry when no-one opposes us in any place. We will have to ask ourselves whether we are active enough. Any opposition first of all shows that the local Jamaat is excellent thus making the opponents jealous and worried. Same thing here in Hyderabad. A wonderful function. A nice exhibition. – May Allah reward our Jamaat in Hyderabad with His great blessings!

  22. Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wbr.
    It is indeed unfortunate that a Mosque is being attacked by Muslims… any amount of regret will not do.

    However, I’d like to congratulate the bravery of our Khuddam over here (Hyderabad) who not only resisted by saying ‘Assalamalaikum’ in return all the verbal abuses of the attackers but also stood strong right at the gates against the pursuers, defending the Mosque. None among the either side were hurt, Al’humdulillah, and many thanks to the timely arrival of Hyderabadi police personnel as well who performed a praise-worthy job.

    One of our member was jailed until yesterday for the crime of ‘attempt to defense’ under the political pressures.

    Worth mentioning is a word of praise to the members of Lajna as well who cooperated in a much disciplined manner while being evacuated and directed to their homes. There were an approximate number of 130-150 women & children inside the Mosque at that moment. To explain the experience it was kind of small ‘Jhalak’ of the 28th May Lahore incident, as felt… Thankfully we’re not yet titled ‘fit-to-be-killed’ (Wajib-ul-Qatl) here!

    Allah In Sabhi Attackers Ko Nek Taufeeq De, Ameen
    Allah In Sabhi Attackers Ki Rahnumayee Kare, Ameen
    May Allah Guide All Muslims Towards Sirat-Al-Mustaqeem, Ameen

  23. I myself MD.Zubair a Member Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat Hyderabad was at the scene when it happened. At about 2:30pm, few mullahs (clerics) along with their followers appeared at the gates and started quarreling, attempted to stop the literature distribution & tried to enter the gate.

    Most of the people who were a part of the Mob didn’t even know why they were there !! when asked who went along with them, they said they were informed that Islam and the Honor of the Holy Prophet (saw) was under attack. They were all on their cell phones calling out others to join them.

    Further to the bizarre actions of mullahs, some local political leaders (MIM & MBT) steered the mob to go to the police station where they lodged a counter complaint against US, citing injury to Muslim feeling by Ahmadis’ events.

    Masjid Al Hamd has come into focus of Militants after its successful charitable works such as a blood drive in February and the free medical camp planed during the day event, which some suspect, may have been the point of jealousy.

    By carrying out such terrorist activities, these so called Muslims spoil the name of Islam, meaning of which is nothing but submission and peace.

  24. Assalamoalaikum Warehmatullahi waberkatahu

    I think if youngsters of Ahmadiya Jamaat takes the Highest Positions in the Administration such as an IPS officer or Commissioner of Police then I believe no wrong actions would be taken by the administrative authorities. I urge all young Ahmadi Muslims to study hard and attain higher and higher posts in City, State and National departments.

    May Allah bless all Ahmadi Muslims.

  25. Assalamoalaikum Warehmatullahi Waberkatahu.Jassy kay
    aibab e jamaat ko yah ittalh mel cohki hein.kay
    25 march 2012 ko Ahmadiyya Masjid ul hamd Saidabad Hyderabad per Tahafuz e qatm e Naboowat oh saiyasi jamaat MBT ki taraf say 2;30 pm ko attacked kay gaya
    aur masjid per pather barsay jarahay tah. gate kay bahair ek sahtani manzar dekhi deraha tah to dusrey taraf Masjid kay andher Dova ka ek ajeeb manzer dekhi derah tah.Cohtay Masum Ahmadi bacay apnay ALLAH kay samnay Dova kay lay Hath othay hoyah tah.
    aur esi tarah jamaat kay har fardh say runay ki awaz arahi tahee.esa mahsoos hoto tah.kay ALLAH hamary bilkul hamaray kahreeb hein.

  26. For you, Sir [Rafiq A. Tschannen]:

    Assalamoalaikum Warehmatullahi Waberkatahu.
    [Peace be upon you and the Mercy & Blessings of Allah]

    Jassy kay aibab e jamaat ko yah ittalh mel cohki hein.kay 25 march 2012 ko Ahmadiyya Masjid ul hamd Saidabad Hyderabad per Tahafuz e qatm e Naboowat oh saiyasi jamaat MBT ki taraf say 2;30 pm ko attacked kay gaya

    [As members of the Jama’at are informed of the 25th March 2012 when Ahmadiyya [Mosque] Masjid ul Hamd at Sayeedabad was attacked by ‘Tahaffuz-e-Qatm-e-Naboowat supported by political party MBT at 2:30pm]

    aur masjid per pather barsay jarahay tah. gate kay bahair ek sahtani manzar dekhi deraha tah

    [and stones were showered on the Masjid! A satanic scene [scene incited by the satan] was clearly visible outside the Mosque’s Gate]

    to dusrey taraf Masjid kay andher Dova ka ek ajeeb manzer dekhi derah tah.

    [and on the other side, a wonderful scene of worshipers praying most devotedly was seen inside the Mosque]

    Cohtay Masum Ahmadi bacay apnay ALLAH kay samnay Dova kay lay Hath othay hoyah tah.

    [Young and innocent Ahmadi kids had all raised their hands in supplication [to ALLAH]]

    aur esi tarah jamaat kay har fardh say runay ki awaz arahi tahee.
    [and in the same way sobs [while pleading to Allah] were heard from every member of the Jama’at]

    esa mahsoos hoto tah.kay ALLAH hamary bilkul hamaray kahreeb hein.
    [it was as if Allah was very near to, and with all of us]

    An Addition from me:
    Allah is with all of us, everywhere and everytime: We are his chosen and specially blessed people! Masha’Allah! Subhan’Allah! Al’humdulillah!

  27. Assalam-o-alaykum-warehmatullah!

    My name is Mohammad Zakiuddin Mahdi (sayeq Majlis Atfal-ul Ahmadiyya hyderabad).

    I was also present on in the mosque on 25th march performing duty with other khuddams and my only reaction seeing those miscreants was, “how can anyone insult a Person who is the Massihe and Mahdi”.
    We can just pray to ALLAH Almighty that He may grant these miscreants sound mind and they may also follow the path of Massih-e-maood (as).
    ALLAH was with Ahmadis and will be, as he has promised.

    Mohammad Zakiuddin Mahdi!

  28. The Muslim Times,Hyderabad, is hereby thanked for printing/presenting the truthful actual/factual picture of what happened at the Ahmadiyya Mosque of Saidabad, Hyderabad, on the occasion of 123rd year of the formation-day function of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.The Ahmadis living in 198 countries of the world feel obliged to their brothers and sisters of Hyderabad for their peaceful, peace-loving activities and their stand taken in line with law of the land and we hope and pray that they will continue to exercise their most basic and fundamental right to pray, propagate and inform all arround the world that the expected reformer, being awaited by all followers of the major religions of the world has appeared in the person of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, with the devine obligations to unite all, whole mankind, under the banner of true, final natural ‘deen-e-fitrat’ called Islam, as revealed through the Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad,PBUH. This is a devine duty of all Ahmadis to tell this to all arround and it is hoped that the biggest secular country of the democratic world, will not allow the religious extremists of any sort, to terrorise the most peaceful, law-abiding ideal members of Indian society, the Ahmadiyya muslim community of India.

  29. the non ahmadiyyis should betterly know that the faith of allah almighty is only with jamaat e ahmadiyya alamgiir that allah had granteg this peaceful jamaat with triumph in every aspect .
    the mullah’s who had rejected mosqeu’s of ahmadiyyis in hyd form waqf board, but finally on friday the allah granted triumph for jamaat by rejecting the demand of mullah’s and given full freedom for ahmadiyy’s.
    this is also an miracle for jamaat e ahmadiyya.
    let they try there best to shake the roots of jamaat but allah will stand against those who stand before ahmadiyyi’s.
    for them making quarells with ahmadiiyis is like making quarells with god almighty.
    for those there is only one medicine that is dus.


  31. At present, a majority of impartial, liberal & literate muslims & non muslims are looking at Ahmadiyya community & thier efforts in promoting peace & true Islam. Mullah & religeous clerics know it very well; its a matter of there bread & butter to continue with there disgusting efforts. They know ahmedis are true muslims; that is why they are afraid of to face them in electronic media in open discussions/munazaras. But the time is fast approachuing when these mullahs & extremists shall be most hatred creed in this universe.


  33. If any one will read the last section (Ruk’u) of para 3 of Quran, it starts with the pledge taken from the prophets (I advise all friends to please read that all), it is written that if any Rasool comes in any Ummah, people must believe in him and support him.

    I tell you that the condition of disbelievers (kafirs) is described there, and it is also described about those who are kafir and they increase in their Kufr,,,, That is exactly the case of these pakistani Mullas.

    I will just suggest two things:

    1. The meaning of the word kafir is the clear open enemy of truth; enemy of all faiths. Enmity is a must in Kufr. If there is no enmity, there is no Kufr. Think of the kafir as Abujehl. Abujehl is a good example of Kafir,,, or the king Pharoah of Egypt was a good example of Kafir. please do not take kafir as mere simple, gentle disbeliever…

    2. Read a portion of the Quran daily even if you do not understand the meaning. That will give you good flow in Arabic. Meaning may come later on.

    Advise every one, Ahmadi and non-Ahmadi Muslim to read a portion of the Quran daily. That will help to get rid of these fanatic Mullas.
    It is because the Muslims stopped the study of quran, a vacuum was created. Mullas found the field open for them to jump in and they started performing their business of salat and zakat and azaan, and funeral prayers and new born baby azaan etc.

    All Muslims need to return to Quran. May Allah protect the Ahmadis (True Muslims) from the bad plans of the fanatic Mullas. Ameen.

  34. My reply to all Christian friends: Jesus, holy Spirit and father form the Triune God. That is Trinity. If Father and son are one, as it is being told here, then there is no Trinity. It may only be twinity. Count Father and son as One. Add the holy ghost and it becomes total two. Not Three.

    I had told that we Ahmadis understand and do believe that the Father and son are One. It is not physical matter. It is a Union in principle. they are in accord. The church does not tell the truth and keeps much secrets.
    Like the word “begotten” which is used in the Bible (mathew ch 1,line 1) reads: Abraham begat Issac, Issac begat Jacob.
    Do we believe that Jesus was begotten by Father in similar manner? Nobody explains it.

    The various writers (bloggers) here have gven more than 65 reasons to prove that Jesus did not die on the Cross. He was alive when brought down. His legs were not broken. He was not formally buried. No burial rites were performed. He was laid in a comfortable place. He was well looked after with help from medicines.
    The physician in attendance knew very well that Jesus was alive. Jesus had only fainted on the cross.
    His enemies (the Jewish elders) could not kill Jesus on the Cross. How can the church explain that a god can die?

    The last thing: He had said that he had other sheep too which were not of the present lot. He knew them and had to go to them too..” Those sheep were in Afghanistan and Kashmir.
    Jesus must have to go to them and not go to the father in heaven. That would be against his own words.
    How many contradictions are in the beliefs of the Church people! How we can point them out again and again!
    Here, we have two situations. The one from the Christians that Jesus died on the Cross and got up, became alive.
    The other is from the Muslims that Jesus did not die at all. He had fainted and appeared to be dead.
    Any one can decide which case is more natural?
    There is a word in Bible that Jesus had risen. That word “Risen” is another one like the word “Begotten”. Nobody from the church will explain the meaning of risen and begotten. I beleive that he rose from the place where he was laid. And I am happy that his prayer was accepted and his enemies were not successful. They could not kill him as they had planned (The Crucifixion).

    Mind you, this is mentioned in the Quran. And news in Hadith, that Jesus was saved and Jesus a.s. later died a natural death at a good age of 120 years. We Ahmadis support Jesus and his good end, not the bad end presented by paul, i.e. making Jesus as a man-God and killing Jesus for supposed sins of others.

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