Saudi diplomat killed in Bangladesh’s capital

Source: Arabnews & Gulfnews 


Published: Mar 6, 2012 12:58 Updated: Mar 6, 2012 18:37

DHAKA: A Saudi diplomat was shot and killed on a residential street in Bangladesh’s capital early Tuesday, and authorities say the gunman and a motive were unknown.

Shortly after midnight, Khalaf bin Mohammed Salem Al-Ali was found just 30 meters from his home in Dhaka’s Gulshan neighborhood, police official Kamrul Hasan said. He had bullet wounds to his chest and was taken to a hospital, where he died.

A security guard at his home, Taposh Rema, told reporters Al-Ali used to roam around by a bicycle at night but he went outside on foot late Monday. Two other security guards near the crime scene told reporters they heard one gunshot and found Al-Ali lying on the street.

The Bangladeshi government said it was monitoring developments in the investigation of the killing of Al-Ali, a 45-year-old official in the Saudi embassy’s consular section.

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This is a very unfortunate incident however as Saudi’s export their extremist view on Islam  with the Wahabi band of Islam, it is not unlikely that they are also endangering the life of their own citizens across the globe.  14 out of the 19 bombers of Sept 11 are said to be of Saudi citizens along with Saudi’s blatant abuse of human rights of foreign workers, this incident should be an eye open for the government and their own domestic and foreign policies.  Bangladesh should do their utmost to bring the culprit to justice and discover the real motive behind this horrible crime.




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