Is Canada the World’s Next Superpower


Source: CNN

Author: Erin Burnett

Since Iceland’s financial collapse in 2008, the country has debated whether it should stick with the krona or adopt the currency of another country.

The obvious choice seems to be for Iceland to submit to, say, oil-rich Norway or maybe even join the EU and adopt the euro.

But another currency has entered the debate. And it’s a little “loonie.”

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2 replies

  1. Starting your day with a laughter makes the day great. The title of this article made me laugh, so thanks for that. However Canada and super power? You can forget about that. To be there you need a nation of truly ambitious people who work hard to make a difference and be number one in everything and anything. Plus where the culture is both capable and open to utilize the skills, talent, knowledge and experience of everybody, not just ‘locals’. Many nations are like that in today’s world, with US on top, but Canadians, no. Lack of interest in becoming ‘super-power’ also makes it the largest brain dump in the world. You live here and I live here and we know that.

    • True!
      Canada however still is the most popular destination for immigrants and these immigrants come from all walks of life. We can not ignore the peace we have here. Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih al Rabey once said that I wish entire world was like Canada. Ahmadiyya Community certainly enjoys lots of privileges here.

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