Survey: Most patriotic Brits are Muslims

MUSLIMS are more patriotic than the average Brit, a survey has revealed.

A massive 83 per cent of Muslims said they were proud to be British — compared with the national average of 79 per cent.

They are also more optimistic than the average Brit. Just 31 per cent said our country’s best days are in the past. The national average is 45 per cent.

Half of those who took part in the poll about our national treasures believe Britain benefits from being multicultural.

The results of the survey — published today — shatter the myth that Muslims are not patriotic. And it confirms that icons such as boxer Amir Khan are part of a growing Muslim community happy to celebrate the Union Flag.

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  1. The Holy Prophet said: Love of your country is part of your faith. Therefore the Law of Land is respected and followed by all Muslims.

    It is to be noted that the this teaching has no precondition weather a country should be a Muslim or Non Muslim or if its legal system should be based on Sha’ria or otherwise.

    Islam does not advocate any kind of legal system. It favors any legal system based on justice.

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