Today’s youth – Tomorrow’s leaders│Laiq-Ahmed-Atif

Every society is made by people of different classes, values ​​and ages, and everyone has to play an important, essential and crucial role in the society of today and of future. And it is the duty of every member of society to participate to strengthen the society. And every society is like a bouquet of flowers where each flower participate to make the bouquet wonderful, and each flower has a different color, smell and size but all together make the bouquet more brighter, attractive and beautiful. 

 Young people are part of the bouquet of a society, but their role is more important than others. They are integral and essential part of a society and a society is incomplete without young blood. Therefore it is said: “Today’s youths are the force, hope and leaders of tomorrow”, because they are the future of society, country and community. Young people are the driving force of change and can encourage governments to declare their priorities. Young people have important responsibilities towards their country. It is important to learn from the past and to live with a hope for a better future, a future that is appropriate for our children and future generations.

The future generation has a duty to be honest, genuine, of good values ​​and to work day and night for the betterment of the society and the country. Young people have a duty to use their skills, strength, creativity and imaginations to serve the country and the nation in the best possible manner. These are the young people who can make the difference, because they are the backbone of a nation and can build a bright future for society based on values ​​and courageous behavior.

Young people should focus on their studies, because education is the best tool to success and for the future of our country. They should devote sufficient time to their studies. Physical education and sport is also important, and young people should play regularly, as health is also important for the progress. If our youths will be healthy, they can do more work for the country.

The time is precious and its wastage is a great loss for the future, therefore, young people must do everything to use their precious time wisely. Often we see young people wasting their time unnecessarily; they go out for long time unnecessarily, this is not good because every moment of their lives is important. Therefore, I can say that today’s youth are the only hope of tomorrow, and have a duty to understand their importance and work according to the need of the time.

Our youths are not less than the youths of other countries and are very capable and have various opportunities. They have the skill, behavior, attitude, health, knowledge and ability to make the future of the country very shining.

I believe that the life and success of nations and their bright future lies in the hands of the youth generation of today. And if young people of today have strong values, the best education, good health, right priorities and full sincerity, then we can say that the future is bright. And if, unfortunately, today’s youths have not prepare themselves enough, then we cannot say that the future will be brighter than today. Because, strong building always has a strong foundation.

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