Under the guise of struggle against extremism… Под видом борьбы с экстремизмом…‏


A senior member of Jama'at Ahmadiyya Kazakhstan reported on 16th of October 2011:
Dear friends,
Peace be upon you all!
Alislam.org (Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at's site) has been blocked in Kazakstan!!!
Just last night I watched it, now it is impossible.
Google sees the site, it is working, but at an attempt to open it, a
report is given:
The Error Number is 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET)
Few days ago the authorities reported they blocked 125 sites and
promised to block 168 more sites:
From 15.30 to 16.30 definitely, and, probably, from earlier moment,
the site(alislam.org) was blocked.
Within this interval I checked it periodically, and the site was blocked.
Within this interval, I informed you all about this fact.
Upon sending you the e-letters, I checked again, roughly at
16.30-16.35, and the site was again accessible.
For long?...
What is happening behind the curtains of this theatre? - Disputes,
which sites to block, which not?
Clearly, the Muftiat has long desired our sites to be blocked. But
would the authorities bow down?
Under the guise of struggle against extremism, the authorities are
suppressing so called "non-traditional", which are in fact registered
and law-abiding religious associations!(Ahmadiyya Muslim Association)
Что происходит за кулисами этого действа? - Разногласия, какие сайты
блокировать, а какие нет?
Понятно, что ДУМК давно хотел бы заблокировать наши сайты. Только вот
прогнутся ли власти?
Под видом борьбы с экстремизмом, власти подавляют так называемые
"нетрадиционные", а на деле зарегистрированные законопослушные
религиозные объединения!

6 replies

  1. An example of Islamphobia!

    Many places tend to ban sites with the word ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ in it. I was in a similar situation at local library some time back. However the librarian was cooperative to remove the ban on our site once I explained the background and purpose of it.

  2. Respected Amtul Q Farhat Sahiba, this is not one place like library: practically whole the country, as Kazak Telecom, whose service I use, is a quasi-state company and controls 100% of the broadband internet and 73% of whole the internet in the country, as a natural monopoly due to the still monopoly-type infrastructure, two other providers – 12% and 13%, and the last provider – remaining 2%. The govt has unrestricted power to pressurise internet providers, as it is done under the guise of state-proclaimed struggle against extremism and terrorism.

  3. As I understand, the rule in Kazakhstan is again leading towards totalitarian from liberal. We wish it to be just and open. With reference to the website; is there any possibility to enter into discussion with “Kazakh Telecom”.

  4. I wish to clarify again, that alislam was unblocked same day at about 16.35 Almaty time.
    The following quote from the main text above plainly states this fact:

    Upon sending you the e-letters, I checked again, roughly at
    16.30-16.35, and the site was again accessible.
    For long?…

  5. Today i came to know that alislam.org was blocked in Pakistan. that is very dirty act of pakistani authorities and one step forward to call Allah’s Anger

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