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The team of Humanity First volunteers was as diverse as the patients they served.

 Credit/Source: Azizah Magazine: Serving the World by: Aliya A Latif

A Gift of Sight: Serving the World

Countless Guatemalans suffer from vision related problems and are unable to afford corrective surgeries. Tayyeba Ali and her colleagues want to change that. In September 2010, Humanity First USA ( began its Gift of Sight Eye Clinic, led by Dr. Tayyeba Ali, Dr. Ahsan Khan, Dr. Richard Harper and assistant director Aysha Rahman. Together, with a team of volunteers from all over the USA, they traveled to Guatemala, where they successfully performed almost 30 eye surgeries in the course of 10 days.

Dr. Tayyeba Ali, a second year ophthalmology resident from the University of Arkansas and Associate Director of Gift of Sight, attended the surgical mission along with her then year-old daughter, Zoya, and husband Dr. Iftikhar Ali. “My husband came as the official babysitter, but upon arrival he became our team’s doctor, handling GI problems,” she noted.

This was not Dr. Tayyeba Ali’s first mission with her husband. She also spent her honeymoon in Peru alongside her husband (with the CareFree Foundation). “Volunteering early in our marriage set the foundation for our relationship and mutual goals. The first time you serve in this way, it’s a kind of euphoria. When you experience something so life changing, you want it to be with your significant other so that the two of you can grow spiritually and continue to participate in such projects together.” Dr. Ali had begun volunteering with Humanity First USA (HF) over five years ago during the Peru earthquake.

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