In Pakistan, top media group wields clout amid controversy

Source/Credit: The Washington Post

KARACHI, Pakistan — In a nation that often appears engulfed by religious radicalism, a hit Pakistani film endorses ideas that are by local measures boldly liberal — inter-sectarian marriage, women’s rights and population control.

Yet the movie has what might seem an unlikely distributor: Pakistan’s largest media company, commonly referred to as the Geo-Jang Group, which is regularly criticized for using its four domestic television stations and two top newspapers to promote some very different ideas, including Islamist extremism, anti-Americanism and government loathing.





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  1. And it was this same TV channel on which a talk show host’s guest openly declared that the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are liable to death. It was this statement that resulted in the assasination of a reputable Ahmadi Muslim doctor in Pakistan.

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