Some ‘brides of the Red Sea’ beating up hubbies


JEDDAH: According to Jeddah police reports, on an average, 145 wives beat their husbands in a month, constituting 20 percent of the annual rates of such incidents.

Wives only go for physical violence when they reach a state of explosion and can no longer control themselves, said Fathiyyah Al-Qurashi, member of the Saudi Human Rights Commission.

She was speaking to Arab News on reports about the growing number of wives beating husbands.

Al-Qurashi rejected violence in all its forms — from men and women alike — but said women had few means to express their anger, including violence.

She called for the establishment of more family counseling centers and social institutions to deal with this trend. “We should give more attention to this problem before it snowballs,” she added.

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  1. You can expect it from Arab women only. I remember during Umrah, by mistake when I sat on a stair hindering the normal path, a heavy slab came on my shoulder with some arabic slang. Looking back ward I could see an Arab policewoman wrapped up in burqah etc. It was quite heavy dose for me. How their husbands would be getting and digesting the beating is any bodys guess. I have all the sympathies with such husbands. You have a right to call it womanright.

  2. The available research data shows that the husband battering is a far more serious problem than wife battering.

    Statistics collected over last several years reflects that the battered men themselves are very abusive and need services that are currently not available.

  3. Arab women only? We should never generalize. Man bashing, women bashing … it happens all over the world. In fact human nature is such that one finds that such things happen everywhere in similar percentages. (unless our Ph.Ds, MDs can contradict me – possibly…).

  4. In the male dominated society, it is very easy to do wife bashing. Even if I accept this 20% wives attacking their husbands (in fact this number is under 10% according to a UN global survey of 2009), what about 80% wife beatings by their husbands? When you read statistics about domestic violence, it is enough to shake one’s soul. It is It is convenient for men to close their eyes about domestic violence by male partners. Don’t these Muslim countries allow wife beating just on the fear of disobedience to their husbands?

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