Israelis, Palestinians must unite to end occupation


“The will of Israel” does not derive from civilian, minority-majority norms, nor is it based on a constitution that guarantees minority rights and defines when a minority has the option to rise up against the government. Instead, “the will of Israel” derives from an ultra-nationalist version of the Jewish religion.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the political right argues, has a solid parliamentary majority, so not accepting such a majority’s decisions is undemocratic. Right-wing advocates use this argument widely. But of course, this argument harms Israel because it treats its colonialism as if it were part of its political structure.

For the sake of argument, let’s put aside the conventional wisdom, which holds that democracy is an arena of constant struggle, also between elections, one that involves lobbying and persuasion, demonstrations and donations – even boycotts. Let’s put aside the way this government is shortening its rivals’ stride and curtailing its rights. And let’s ignore the way the mass-media outlets quickly turn into propaganda instruments the moment the government describes any circumstance as “a crisis.”

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  1. “The solidarity march in Jerusalem on Friday to support Palestinian independence can mark a historic turn of events. Whatever happens in the future, the struggle against the occupation must be binational and conducted by anyone who rejects its legitimacy”. Let us hope this historic event can spark the start of peace for both the nations living in this area.

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