Israel approves maritime border that conflicts with Lebanon map

JERUSALEM: Israel approved Sunday a proposed map for the Jewish State’s maritime borders with Lebanon different from Lebanon’s proposed map and will submit it to the U.N. for an opinion.

Israel’s maps lays out maritime borders that conflict significantly with those proposed by Lebanon in its own submission to the United Nations.

“The Cabinet today approved the draft of the northern maritime border of Israel,” said a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office. “This line demarcates the area of the state’s economic rights, including the exploitation of natural resources.”

“The outline that Lebanon submitted to the U.N. is significantly further south than the line Israel is proposing,” Netanyahu said at the meeting.

Israel’s map could bring it into fresh conflict with Lebanon, with both countries disagreeing on where the border lies.

“It also conflicts with the line that we have agreed upon with Cyprus and, what is more significant in my eyes, it conflicts with the line that Lebanon itself agreed upon with Cyprus in 2007.”
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