Welcome to Palestine Campaign Set For Friday

“We strongly stress that we campaign for a just peace and for the freedom and security of both the Palestinian and the Israeli people”

Bethlehem – PNN – As nearly 600 international activists from all walks of life gear up for Friday’s “Welcome to Palestine” campaign, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Police Inspector General Yochanan Danino and Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, toured the airport on Wednesday morning to discuss preparations to counter the protest.

On Wednesday organizers of the Campaign, which includes 40 Palestinian and international organizations, issued a press release saying that their aim is to show that Palestinians are still under Israel’s occupation.

The plan, say the organizers, is for activists to arrive in Tel Aviv and state clearly they are coming to Palestine and then join the activities.

“The aim is to show that, if our governments do not seem to be interested in the fate of these people who have been under occupation for far too long, there are men and women from all countries, who are ready to bring them moral support, using a week of their holidays to go and meet them,” said the press release.

Sami Awad, Director of Holy Land Trust, one of the local NGO’s organizing the campaign, told PNN that “Welcome To Palestine” is based on the faith in nonviolent resistance and it’s important for activists not to use violence against the Israelis when they arrive.

“There are several measures they (activists) will take in the event of harassment by the occupation forces, such as solidarity sit-ins, not adhering to orders and refuse to travel, without any use of violence,“ explained Awad.

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