100 Days of bombing: Operations by Nato states in Libya enter 100th day; situation in Libya is getting worse. Is there any hope for peace?

There’s a small campfire battling a stiff sea breeze, several homemade tents, a trench, and the usual assortment of machine gun placements and rocket launchers aimed across no-man’s land towards Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.

“Your energy and courage inspire,” says Gen Suleiman Mahmoud in a brief speech to the group…

You are making history here. If Misrata falls, Libya will be divided. We are behind you and united,” says the general.

Then it’s the fighters’ turn to speak.

“We need more weapons, more ammunition.”

“We need cars. Ours are in very bad shape.”

“And we need binoculars.”…

‘Not enough’ bombing

“They are volunteers not soldiers. But they have heart, and morale, and this is what matters.”

As for Nato’s performance: “They did their best in the last few days,” he says.

“But we need more. And more, and more. We can do our best but we need support from friends.”

Find more on BBC: The Times

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  1. The answer is in Islam.
    People must obey the law of the Law of land and be truthful.
    The leaders must bring justice to their Citizens.
    There is no justification for any foreing forces to invade any independent country what so ever.

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