Dutch lawyer: International law is political tool

The international community suits itself when it comes to international justice. That’s the message in Blufpoker (Bluff Poker), the latest book by international lawyer, Geert-Jan Knoops. He told RNW that his message may not be optimistic, but should serve as a lesson to both the public and politicians.

“It’s a mixed message – predominantly it’s not an optimistic picture of international law. One of the main conclusions is that international politics are governing international criminal law and this is not a good combination.The so-called Trias Politica – the separation of powers between politicians and the judiciary – is more absent than present in international criminal law.”

“Instead of international law being guidelines for politicians, it is the other way round. The politicians are creating their own international law concepts and we see a lot of examples nowadays around the world where international politics are actually dominating the contents of international law.”


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