20 Brilliant 2015 photographs

20 brilliant photographs which hugely impressed us in 2015 Sometimes, you see a photograph which summons a whole  storm of emotions inside. Often this is down to a perfectly  chosen angle or a shot taken at just the right A herd of sheep pass through a gate The heavens open. […]

Fighting Radicalization: 13,000 men shaved in Tajkistan

Police in Tajikistan shaved the beards of nearly 13,000 men and convinced 1,770 women to stop wearing the hijab in the last year in a bid to tackle ‘foreign influences’, it has been reported. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/tajikistan-police-shave-beards-of-13000-men-to-tackle-radicalism-a6825581.html At a press conference yesterday, the Muslim-majority central Asian country’s law enforcement services revealed that […]

Islam in China

Source: Review of Religions January 2009 By Fazal Ahmad – UK A lot of global political attention in recent years has been on China as it emerges as a heavyweight in the global economy. Mention is often made of its Muslim minorities in the West of China and their push […]


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